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Nix roared with anger. “It’s not a fucking MC, Black who-the-fuck Coyotes? It’s some old dude and a drunk guy-”

“And a cat in a wheelchair-” Ash added.

“And a cat in a wheelchair!” Nix repeated, incredulous.

“Just wait, just wait and see, they’ll get me out and then I’ll get you out-”

Nix scoffed. “You are kidding yourself, they aren’t gonna be your family, remember, Ash, no on stays with you-”


“So fucking naive.” Ash was looking up at him, not breaking eye contact, no matter how much Nix raged into his face. And he raged. Spittle flew out of his mouth. Ash didn’t even blink when it landed on his face. Nix shook him, slammed him back into the wall.

And then Ash smiled. Like a cat that had got the canary.

“You care.”

Nix panted. “Huh?”

“You care about what happens to me.”

“I-” Nix was stumped. He began babbling defensively. “I care about me, I don’t want trouble at my door! We’re cellies now and if you bring trouble… I can’t afford any more Ash, I-”

“You didn’t want me hurt. You care.”

“Fuck off. I don’t care.” And Nix’s anger suddenly turned to something hotter as he said words he knew he didn’t mean. “I… don’t…”

“Nixy boy,” Ash breathed, lifting his chin, Ash’s eyes dropping to Nix’s lips.

Nix whimpered. “Don’t,” he said, trying to sound tough. He sounded like a fucking little kid begging for their toy doll back.

“Don’t what, Nixy boy?” Ash dipped his face and the tip of his nose skimmed over Nix’s cheek.

Nix pulled away but his cock leapt in his pants. “Fucking don’t touch me.”

“Fuck me, Nix,” Ash suddenly breathed in Nix’s ear.

Nix’s brain spiraled out. “What the fuck-”

“You heard me.”

Nix’s heart hammered in his chest. His vision pulsed. “There is no way in hell-”

“There is every way in hell, Nix, and you know it.”

Nix grabbed Ash again, shook him, squashed him against the wall. Ash maintained eye contact and smirked throughout. Nix was suddenly aware of Ash’s hard thighs brushing his.

Nix swallowed. He already knew he was about to give in. “I’m not going to-”

“Get on your knees for me, Nix.”

Nix’s world slid sideways.

“You want to, admit it.” Ash’s words turned Nix’s mouth dry.

“Church boy wants to fuck me. Wants to see my cock. Didn’t want me getting hurt ‘cause he cares,” Ash whispered the taunts into Nix’s ear.

“Oh, fuck.” Nix couldn’t deny it. He saw it all in his mind. It would be so fucking messed up, to do what Ash was suggesting. So wrong. He wasn’t even gay. He’d never been attracted to a guy before. Fuck. Yes. The shame, the demeaning shame of being with a guy…