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Nix shot him a look, and Ash let Nix see his grin. Nix let a half smile curl his lips, too, a shared moment of intimacy, a moment of peace, a truce for a second to both smirk at each other and acknowledge how good they both felt.

Then Nix cleared his throat and looked down at Ash’s cock in his hand. Oh he was trying to take back control. Fuck, he was such a dominating top. Ash liked it, but had to show Nix that he liked dominating, too. Nix needed to switch, he needed to give up control to Ash.

Ash’s other hand went to Nix’s balls. That stopped him in his tracks.

He gasped and flung his head back onto Ash’s pillow.

Yeah. Ash pumped Nix’s cock with one hand and caressed his balls with the other.

Nix’s hand on Ash’s cock stilled and held on. Held on for dear life like he was on a rollercoaster at a theme park. And Ash would deliver on that white-knuckle ride.

“Nixy, you feeling good?” Ash said in a sing-song whisper.

Nix gasped in reply, mouth open and flushed, eyes squeezed shut. Ash watched triumphantly as he systematically reduced the big, tattooed man in front of him to a quivering wreck.

“I… fuck… I…”

“You close Nixy-boy?” Ash asked.

“Yuhhh,” was the breath that escaped Nix’s mouth.

“You want to come?”

“Yessss,” Nix hissed.

“You want me to be the one who makes you, Nixy? Me, Mr. Wrong-side-of-the-picket fence? Mr. MC jailbird?” Ash continued to taunt. “Little old me? A guy? A fucking twenty something college drop out?” Ash continued.

Nix’s face screwed up. Oh how Ash loved this. He loved being in control. He loved this so fucking much. That he had this big, mighty, scary man in this position… this proud, damaged, fierce two hundred pounds of muscle and flesh and tattoos worked up into the state that he was; eyes closed on Ash’s bed, begging for release. It was a dream come true.

It was Ash’s dream come true.

Until it suddenly wasn’t.

“Cell inspection!” came the jarring cry of a guard down the hallway. “Make yourselves presentable, ladies, we’re coming in!”

Nix jolted. “Fuck!”

“Get up, get up-” Ash shot off the bed, or tried to with his legs tangled around Nix’s large body.

They both flinched and scrambled to get up off the tiny bunk, half tripping over each other, half carrying each other.

They stood, panting, adjusting themselves, the lazy haze of earlier ripped apart. The light snapped on.

“Good afternoon, you two.” The guard swaggered in with a smirk on his face. “Rivers and Nixon, someone said they saw you push him.”

Ash cleared his throat, keen to speak first before Nix did. “Push who? All I know was I was coming back from visitation and then there was a fight going on-”

“Ramon, shanked five times with a toothbrush.”

“A toothbrush-”

“Sharpened handle of a toothbrush,” the guard added.

“That’s…” Ash made a disgusted face.

“Then pushed off the railings. Fell one story, landed on his back-” the other guard said.

“Yeah, so we’re checking you all over. Blood on hands, missing toothbrushes-” The first guard swaggered closer to them.