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“I wanna watch you fuck her, Nixy, inside her, fill her up Nixy..." Ash knew Nix loved that idea. Ash knew Nix, inside and out, from every weird kink to every freckle on his body. "And you are going to watch me, too..." Ash kept going. Nix trembled, watching Ash was something he hadn't thought about. Watching Ash pumping his cock, manhandling and bossing a girl around... fine. Nix holding her head while Ash's cock popped into her lips. Oh holy fuck. Nix's cock and Ash's cock, against some soft pillowy female lips. Nix's thoughts spiraled. Fuck yes. Nix’s and Ash's cock down against a girl's pussy, parting soft thighs to get to that warm wet core. Competing with Ash to get in tight, fuck maybe even double penetration… fuck yes. Nix wanted it all. And more. He was rock hard. He needed more. He didn't care if the MC thought he was gay, he didn't care if other people saw and judged. He didn't care what they thought-

He wanted this. He wanted Ash and whoever else came or went in his life, but Ash had to be there. No matter what. Ash had to stay. Nix's hands went to work, ripping open his jeans, batting Ash's face out the way to free his needy cock. Ash made a hungry noise in his throat, and Nix grabbed Ash’s jaw, having his face up next to him, hauling them both to their feet. Ash didn't wait. His hands went to his own pants and he snapped them open. Ash was wearing a shirt, for the wedding, that Nix immediately began unbuttoning. Nix's lips sought out Ash’s, they locked and kissed. Nix felt free, he felt home. Ash pulled at Nix’s shirt, and Nix pulled away to take a breath and let Ash yank the T-shirt over his head. Nix immediately landed back on Ash again, bodies bumping together. Nix felt Ash's warm skin. Ash groaned into Nix’s mouth, as Nix freed his cock, and his fist closed around it tightly. Now Nix was groaning and another hand clamped over the top of his. Ash's hand. Nix fumbled, ripping material out the way, reaching for Ash's cock, too. Gripping Ash's hard, warm throbbing dick, kissing his mouth

Topless in the garden of the MC clubhouse... yes, this is where he belonged. "Ash, I'm sorry-" Nix slurred.

Ash huffed a laugh. "Don't worry, you will be. I’m not fucking you tonight. Tomorrow, Nixy boy, you're gonna pay, I'm going to fuck you up so bad, then I'm going to fuck you so good-" Nix cocked an eyebrow. "I'm going to fuck you-"

"No, not tomorrow… you gonna make me wait for tomorrow?" Nix groaned and hung his head.

"Yes… Nix, you here to stay?"

"At the MC?"

"MC, yeah, but here, too?" Ash squeezed his dick and tugged on it, pulling Nix against his chest.

Nix nuzzled into Ash. "Yeah, Ash, I'm gonna stay." Nix smiled.

Carmelo tip-toedout of the bar in the MC clubhouse, into the garden. His shirt hung buttonless off his shoulders. He had managed to locate his briefs, in the pale pre-dawn light, but his pants had eluded him. He didn’t mind about that, but he was missing his handcuffs and he needed to find them. They weren’t his real handcuffs, fuck he’d be in trouble if he turned up for his next shift at the police station without them. Ha, he tried to imagine the conversation with his Captain, "oh yeah, sorry sir, I left them attached to one of the sweetbutts at the MC after I fucked five of them last night, all night…”

He rubbed a palm over his face. He felt his stubble give resistance over his jawline. Fuck. What was he doing with his life? He needed to find a pretty, wholesome girl to date and…

And what then? She’d cook him pasta and he’d get fat and they’d have vanilla sex once a week if he was lucky? He shivered. Not yet, not yet. He wasn’t ready for that.

He was happy having sleepless nights and working on his cardio here at the MC clubhouse. Ha, cardio, he smirked, thinking to himself about all the ways he felt the burn in his legs and arms last night.

Carmelo headed over to the ice cream van. He had been standing here when Rafe had come over to him, offering the night of debauchery. Which he had only too easily accepted-

“Fuck!” he exclaimed, jumping out of his skin.

Ash and Nix were still on that fucking sun lounger. They’d been there all night. Nix was laying down on it, and Ash was on his side, snuggled in, asleep. Nix was topless, his dark, patterned tattoos pulled Carmelo’s gaze. Nix opened his eyes lazily. Ash carried on sleeping.

“Sorry, man, I didn’t know…”

Nix silently put his finger to his lips, shushing Carmelo.

Carmelo licked his lips. “You been on that sun lounger all night?” he whispered back.

Nix flicked an eyebrow up and smirked.

Carmelo raised his own. “Sorry...”

“Don’t worry,” Nix’s husky voice came back in the milky morning light. “We’ve gotta get up in a minute probably, Colt’s taking us to Vegas. Bringing Lyle back.”

Carmelo rolled his eyes and snorted silently. “Good luck with that. I was just looking for my handcuffs… you seen them out here?”

Nix pouted and shook his head. “They’ll turn up I’m sure. Things always have a way of coming back to you, don’t they?”

Carmelo tilted his head to the side. Wise words from the tatted up troublemaker in front of him. Like all the other men at the MC, Carmelo knew, what was on the surface was only a fraction of the story. What was the expression, still waters run deep? Carmelo’s dad said that sometimes, and with the men and women of the Black Coyotes MC, that was true. “Yeah, I hear you.”

Carmelo realized he had good news for Nix. “Look, I wasn’t going to tell you until it’s come out, and, well, I was going to tell Colt who would have told you-”

“Fucking what?” Nix growled back. Carmelo made a mental note not to get on the bad side of Nix anytime soon.

“Er…Ramon,” Carmelo began, “he’s been exposed. At Susanville, it got leaked, that the Demonios are no more, he lost his followers pretty quick, he’s been moved, he was put in the hospital wing, fucked up pretty bad I heard, and so-”

“Ramon is dead to me.”

“Have a word with Phantom if that’s something you want to pursue.” Carmelo shrugged.