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"I used to work at a piercing studio… I had my nose pierced, one nostril, twice. Pierced ear, pierced tragus, pierced helix. Pierced nipple, dick-"

“Wait, what?"

“Yeah,” Nix said, feeling himself smirk a little at Ash’s innocent surprise.

“Multiple on your nose…” Ash said slowly.

“Yeah, multiple on my nipple, multiple on my dick-”

“More than one? I thought you could only get the head pierced?” Ash was curious, innocently so. It warmed Nix.

“I got more than that done.” Nix felt like he wanted to show off about them. He hadn’t got them done to show off, and he certainly had no prior intention to show off in front of his cellmate, about his former dick piercings of all things…ah fuck it. Nix felt good. He felt a warmth returning to his gut. A smile on his face, unused muscles flexing for the first time in a while and it felt good. So he went with it.

“Well, what more is there?” Ash asked.

“I got bars all along my shaft, every inch, a horizontal bar stud.”


“Yeah. Jacob’s ladder.” Nix shrugged, even though he was laying down in the dark.

“Fuck, dude, did it hurt?” Ash said, the awe in his voice unmistakable.

Nix shrugged. “Felt good having sex, like it catches just a bit on the cunt entrance, and then when you’re fucking, it drags a little bit more, you know when a woman is really like sucking you in…”

Ash’s voice went deeper. “Yeah.”

Nix could hear what was happening. “Fuck man, don’t be weird about it…” Nix drifted off, feeling a strange confusion, dizzy and sweet, in his mouth. He’d felt warmth a moment ago, but now he felt too hot.

“I guess you had to take them all out when you came in?” Ash asked wryly.

Nix’s face darkened. “Yeah. Fuckers.”

“You got scars.”

“Yeah, I want to get them all redone though… maybe not the dick ones, they take too long to heal-”

“I wish I could have seen-”

Nix rolled his eyes and rolled over, sending the bed squeaking again. “I said don’t be weird about it. Look, if we’re in a cell together you’ll end up seeing at some point but I’m not droppin’ my pants for you to have a look at my dick.”

“I wish I could have felt it…”

Nix’s head spun. He choked on the images that conjured up in his head. Things he’d never imagined.

“Dude, what in the name of ever loving fuck… do you know what, I’m going to sleep now and I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Nix clamped his eyes shut and tried to ignore the gentle snicker and the soft, “Goodnight Nixy boy,” that drifted up from below.

But Nix knew.

He wouldn’t forget the sound of that if he lived to be one hundred.

Ash was happily reminiscingabout the night before, the blissful exchange with Nix, the excitement, a high school crush kind of thing… when it happened.

He was shoulder checked out of the line in the mess hall.

“Get to the back, biker boy,” a larger Latino man hissed.