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I stand, my legs fidgeting, and erase the gap between us. God, this could backfire. Completely.

But he dips his head and cups my face, his woodsy smell dancing around us, in between us, inebriating me. A ripple of excitement courses through me. Yep. This is no work visit.

“Riley,” he says, and I sense the tension in his voice, that last remaining shred of control about to slip away.

“Couldn’t stay away, could you?” I say, and if my intent was to be playful and snarky, after the words leave my mouth and I hear myself, it’s the deep undercurrent in my voice that catches my attention. I sound cultured, mature, like a woman who knows what she wants. Who she wants.

“I’m never staying away,” he says in a growly voice that sends my hormones into a sinful spiral.

I moan, and he slams me into the wall, and soon, our lips meet. Electricity runs through my veins, my entire body sensitized by his. He runs his hands up and down my body like he hasn’t seen me in forever. I’m wearing a knee-length dress. He hikes it up at my waist, and the instant he slides a couple of fingers into my underwear, I moan. A hot wave flutters in my stomach, a hell-like fire burning me up inside. I reach for the console table next to me, where pictures of friends and family stand, along with a couple of awards and favorite books. He gets the hint and sets me on there, and I touch his pants, undoing his buckle.

He groans, and nips my lower lip, sending shivers down my spine. “Christ,” he whispers under his breath.

I touch his cock over his underwear, and we both groan in unison. I buck my hips forward, and pull his cock to my entrance, and before I can bring him closer, he thrusts inside me. I moan, and he covers my mouth with his hand, and shushes me. That unlocks a wild part of me, and I rock my hips against him, egging him on, challenging him to fuck me relentlessly.

And he takes the challenge… thrust by thrust. He inserts a couple of fingers into my mouth, which I suck, happily, remembering how tasty his cock felt in my mouth. He fucks me, deep, so fucking deep and hard… My breath comes out in small gasps, my heart drumming in all my pulse points.

“Yes. Yes,” I whisper.

Soon, I can’t take it anymore. Little dots flick from the corner of my eyes, and pleasure rockets through me, my limbs quivering, my body achy and tingling.

“Fuck,” he says under his breath, then comes, spilling every drop of his hot load into me. He hugs me, tightly, and I hug him back, resting my head on the side of his shoulder. Damn.

First day at work together, and it’s not even noon. What the hell are we going to do?

He disengages from me, and helps me slide off the table. My knees are still shaky, so I really appreciate when he helps me stay steady by holding my waist. He pulls back his cock and zips his pants, and I pull down my dress and smooth it with my hand.

Earlier, I thought I needed coffee… but this little hookup wakes me up like I had double expresso shots—no, make it triple.

“So. First day back at work, huh?” I say, pretty sure the look I give him is of a foolish woman in love.

He puts his arms around me, and pulls me into a warm embrace. “If I tell you my plan, we may not leave this office for a few more hours,” he says, then dips down and kisses me.

Then, the sound of the door being open makes me jolt in his arms.

Oh, fuck. Cara with the coffee.

A current of embarrassment courses through me, but when I withdraw from him and look at the door, it’s not Cara I see. It’s Alex. Holding a bouquet of flowers.



It’slike someone poured a bucket of Alaskan glacial water on me.

My heart freezes in my chest, my skin full of goose bumps. Not the good ones. The bad ones. Fuck.

I glance at my son, who drops the bouquet of red roses on the floor, and his gaze darts between me and Riley in silence for a moment. I look behind him, but don’t see anyone—not her assistant or anyone else.

“Alex, let’s talk,” I say, jumping into my crises adverting self for a moment. Maybe I can leverage on his shock to explain what he just saw. I’m not going to treat him like he’s an idiot, or pretend he didn’t see what he saw. He’s too smart for that. Besides, he deserves to know the truth.

A twinge of guilt stabs in my heart. The contours of his face harden, his brown eyes darkening to a merciless black. He’s not happy, and I’m the one who hurt him. My gut clenches, and it’s like I’ve been hit. But he’s the one who’ll be carrying the bruise.

Shit. This isn’t at all like what I planned.

“Alex, I’m sorry for you finding out like this,” I say. “Can you close the door behind you so we can talk?” I ask him evenly. The last thing I want is for this story to leak and for Riley to be talked about. I don’t want her to have any bad repercussion in this, and will protect her to the end.

He ignores my words, and doesn’t move an inch. Then, he tilts his head to the left, narrowing his eyes at Riley. “My dad? Really?”

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