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Thank god Alex never told his father about us... at first, I thought it was strange because he didn’t want to mix things as he worked at the same company. Then it all made sense. Alex didn’t want the two of us to go public and lose his chances of hooking up with everyone under the sun. I mean, I found out about my roommate, but who knows who else Alex fucked? There’s really no telling.

I can’t wait to see the look of Alex’s face when I tell him I’m fucking his dad.

Rhett. A ripple of excitement courses through me. Sure, he’s expecting someone else to show up at his door—a sugar baby named Sylvia. But there was a change of plans, and now, I’ll have to do.

Truth is, seducing him won’t be a sacrifice. Far from it. During these two years I’ve worked for him, of course I thought about how sexy he was. How his deep brown eyes always seem to have golden rings around his irises. How broad and toned his shoulders look under his suit jackets. And how his sexy lips curve when he smiles… in a way that’s almost erotic, even though it comes across as casual.

Whereas Alex has an endearing boyish charm that matches his 23 years of age, 44-year-old Rhett is all man. All taut muscles and grit, long muscular legs and power. He’s not the type of man who wastes time with silly games, or who lies about his whereabouts.

He’s sexy, worldly, and the perfect person to take anyone on a ride to the wild side—even if I have to persuade him to get started…



“Do you need anything else,senhor?”Clara, the housekeeper, asks.

“No, thanks,” I answer, and give her a generous tip, then close the door behind her. This is probably the last time I’ll see her.

She came over to cook easy meals for the remainder of my stay. All of this has been arranged. I’ve been in this paradise for a few days, and by the end of my vacation, I’ll fly home with all my batteries recharged.

It’s become a tradition.

Every year, a week or so before my birthday, I travel somewhere I haven’t been before. I spend the first couple of days by myself, thinking, enjoying the quietude of a life away from being the CEO of one of the biggest sports gear companies in the United States. I don’t check work emails and am not bothered by my efficient assistant.

Then, a sugar baby I carefully selected off a reputable agency, Sugar & Silk, joins me. And we eat and dine, possibly have sex, well, usually have sex.

Sex isn’t part of the package, but I’ve never had any problem in that area.

What is hard for me is—connecting with someone.

So, I’ve given up.

It’s easier to just have a good time. Though, would I prefer to have someone to share a life with? Yeah, sure. But it didn’t work out that way.

I married my son’s mother, and we were too young and too dumb back then to make it work. We dissolved the marriage after six years, and thankfully we have a good relationship now.

Still, no one has crossed my way to make me wish for more, but that could also be my fault. It’s easier to compartmentalize relationships.

A knock at the door startles me, and I walk up to it. Maybe Clara forgot something. Or… could it be Sylvia? Nah. My sugar baby isn’t supposed to arrive for another few hours, according to the plans my travel coordinator arranged.

I open the door and see a completely different woman.

A luscious young woman with wavy brown hair, big eyes bluer than the ocean, and a sexy mouth with, I swear, the lushest lips—Riley.

My brain reels me in, and the sexual natured assessment dies.

Riley Breslin, my talented corporate travel and events coordinator. But what is she doing smiling at me like we’ve both been caught red handed, in a remote island, thousands of miles from home?

“Riley?” I say out loud, as if to make sure this isn’t a mistake.

“Hi, Rhett,” she says. I never required any of my managers to treat me formally, but the way she says my name… did she always have this rasp in her voice, the one that sets every hormone of mine on full alert? “Can I come in?” she asks for the sake of asking, because she sashays inside my territory, carrying a purse and a small suitcase behind her.

I blink a couple of times, and can’t remember when I was last this befuddled. Shouldn’t she be thousands of miles away, at work? Though our company is big enough that I wouldn’t notice her absence even if I were in Texas, but still. This is beyond strange.

Even if she took a vacation leave or something of that nature, in the world of impossible coincidences, and wanted to say hi because she saw me earlier at the beach or whatever. She has her luggage. This woman came to stay. What the hell is happening?

Last I heard she was helping my assistant Beth to nail down some details of my upcoming birthday party in Texas. But that is a piece of cake for someone as talented as Riley, and I can’t think of any emergency that would land her at my doorstep. In a different country.

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