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I prided myself into being levelheaded and good at emotional storage. I knew which feelings belonged where. Yet somewhere along the line I stopped caring about separating things.

I’ve seen Alex around a couple of times, but besides a quick hello, mainly because there were others around us, he hasn’t given me much leeway. I get it. I have to tread carefully and assume the fact he hasn’t quit or done anything outrageous means I’m closer to forgiveness or at least understanding than not.

In two days, there will be my birthday party.

I want nothing more than cancel the event, but a few people will fly in from across the country for it. I’ll grin and bear it.

I leave my desk, not worrying about putting my suit jacket on, and walk through the hallways. I go out to lunch, sneakily choosing the restaurant across the street I heard many employees like to go. All in the stupid attempt to run into her. Then what? I can’t do anything.

For the first time in the longest time, I am powerless.

I can’t make her want to be with me, and jump through all these hoops. I should remember that, yet it’s like just seeing her, getting a glimpse of her, is enough to feed my curious soul for one more day. This is becoming obsessive.

On the way back from the restaurant, when I least expect, I see her in the elevator.

I’m way behind, checking my emails on my phone, and she comes in, talking to her chatty assistant.

Three other employees block me from being right behind her, but I can hear her voice.

“So you said he asked you out?” Riley asks.

“Yes. We’re going on a date this Sunday,” her assistant says.

“Have fun.”

“Maybe I should ask him if he has a friend. You should totally come with us.”

I growl. The idea of her going on a date with another man is like a claw squeezing my heart from the inside out.

Everyone looks around, looking for the origin of the sound. I pretend I’m coughing, and when my gaze meets Riley’s, her eyes widen, a wave of red spreading across her cheeks.

“Oh. Mr. Stanton. Hi,” her assistant says.


The elevator pings and the three employees nod their heads and exit. Great. Now it’s me and the two of them.

When it lands in their floor, Riley tells her assistant, “I think I left something in the lobby. Go ahead, I’ll be right back.”

The assistant nods then saunters out.

Now it’s me and Riley.

She pushes on the button to close the doors.

Then, we are drawn to each other like some undeniable magnetic force.

We lock lips, and it’s hard to tell who initiated the kiss. Doesn’t matter. My heart is about to leap from my throat, my whole body pulsing with lust. It feels like my body is about to take flight, even if I’m rooted to the spot—and shamelessly entangled with her.

She has her arms around my neck, I’m holding her back, intensifying the kiss. My hand slides down her back, and I bring us to a sinful position, my hard cock achingly throbbing in my pants. She moans, and lowers her hands to my chest, then lower until they reach my belt.

I feel like a starving man who finally received nourishment. I feel… complete again.

“Come to my office,” she whispers.

Her words reverberate through me. Even though they sound sexy and husky, when I hear them again, an annoying siren sounds inside me. Loud. Louder than my heartbeat.

I take her hands off me, and move away from her. She frowns at me, confused. Hell, I’m confused too. But I know I can’t go on like this.

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