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She paces around in a small circle, then comes to a halt. I see the small bob rolling down her throat, and a flash of vulnerability crosses her eyes. They are blue, light, but now they’re almost cobalt. “I… well... I was dating this guy who was a complete jerk. And he was sleeping around on me, with my roommate. I caught them together a few days ago.”

A wave of concern washes over me, and my fingertips tingle. There’s an ache inside me to cut the distance between us and give her a hug. She feels betrayed, and has every right to do so. But I can’t let myself get involved in her romantic life. It’s not my place, and I don’t want to make this troublesome snowball get any bigger. “I’m sorry. He’s obviously a stupid idiot.”

She smiles. “Thanks. Finally we agree on something.”

I glance at her, and a warm energy bounces between us, and it flicks on something inside me. Not just sexual, but a different kind of emotion. One I’m not prepared to address. “I still don’t see how I come into play.”

“Well, how about this… if you need financial advice, would you ask Warren Buffett or some dumb kid who flunked college?”

I lift my eyebrow. Her snarky side turns me on almost more than her perky tits or sexy ass. At work, in meetings, she had funny one-liners here and there, but nothing this bold. “What are you getting at?”

“When I said I was a newbie, I didn’t mean just at sugar baby stuff. I’m a virgin. I was waiting for this jerk who cheated on me, and now, I refuse to lose my virginity to another idiot my age. I want the best for once in my life. I wantyou.”

Blood thrums in my veins. Words fail me. I look for them, think of them, but hesitate after I part my lips.

She’s a virgin. And she’s chosen me to break her in, which can be flattering. I can’t go walking around having sex with virgins, though. That’s not my style. That could be even more problematic than her just being an employee. A much younger employee, who wants to get back at the kid who made the biggest mistake of his life. Who in their sane mind would cheat on Riley?

I swallow the dry lump in my mouth. “I’m flattered, but it’s still a no. You work for me, and you’re great at what you do. I don’t want complications.” Legal complications or otherwise.

“Neither do I. Which is why this is a sugar daddy/baby situation, perfect for what I have in mind. I’m on the pill. I promise you this isn’t a scheme to get pregnant by a rich guy or anything. I’m also clean, obviously.”

She’s on the pill.Christ.I run my fingers down my face, frustration filling my chest. “You’re angry at your ex. I can’t let you make a decision out of anger,” I say, and try really fucking hard to believe my own words. She needs to listen, but so do I. Because with each passing second, common sense takes a backseat to this growing attraction between us. Sizzling. Maddening.

“Why not?”

“Because you don’t really want this.” I don’t want her to use me to get back at her ex.

She crosses her arms over her chest. “And you know that how?”

I clear my throat. “Listen, it’s four p.m. Why don’t you stay tonight? I’m sure you’re tired, and finding you a place to stay without reservations isn’t easy here. But tomorrow, we’ll figure this out,” I say, even though figuring things out means completely different things for the both of us.



One night.

I have one night to seduce this hot man while I jeopardize my career. He’ll hate me when all of this is over. He’ll probably fire me.

He doesn’t have a clue about Alex. I can’t tell him. If I do, he’ll never agree to have sex with me. Well, not like he’s agreeing to much anyway. A twinge of guilt stabs at me. How mad will Rhett be when he finds out his son is my ex? Probably furious.

But I can’t back down now. I’m all the way here, and secured one night in his rental home. I have to make the most of it.

Besides, as much as he denies it, I can tell Rhett wants me. The way he looks at me stokes a fire in my core. I tell myself this is all about revenge, but damn, the man is so hot. Hot in a way that goes beyond him being a beefcake daddy.

The way he looks at me warms me up inside, and I feel lighter, brighter. I never felt this way for Alex or anyone else.

I look at my reflection in the mirror. I chose a white summer dress, with a V cut and a ruffled pattern in the middle section. If I were to sell myself as a virgin in some sketchy auction, this would be the dress for sure. I don’t bother with shoes, and leave the elegant guest room he showed me into an hour ago.

I stroll through the hallway that features abstract art done by local artists on the off-white walls. I know so because I checked out this place online, and now it’s surreal to be here, walking barefoot over the tiled flooring, appreciating the serene vibe of this impressive beach house.

I hear a noise in the kitchen, and follow the sound, to find him fumbling over the stove, juggling a couple of pans. A bottle of white wine is open, and there’s a glass with most of it gone.

“Need help?” I ask, unsure about what else to say. Though how I can help beats me. I’m no Michelin starred chef, that’s for sure. “I do basic shit well and that’s about it, but I can help with whatever.”

“I’m good. Just heating up some food, I can’t take any credit,” he says. “Take a seat.” He cocks his head in the direction of the stools in front of the marbled island. I slide on a stool, and my gaze feasts on him. He’s wearing a gray shirt that would look plain on anyone else, but on him, it’s dynamite. It clings to his muscles, outlines the strong cords of his shoulders. The way his ass fills his jeans makes my throat dry.

He glances over his shoulder. “You’re not allergic to seafood, right?”