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“Oh, I’m betting it does, mate.”

“Do not call me that,” I snarl, flashing my fangs. “I am not your mate. I never was.”

“Oh, but you wished you were, didn’t you? I saw the longing in your eyes even as I broke your little heart. Do you know how easy it was to forget you? Shall I show you?”

Before I can respond, the city around us begins to crumble, falling away to darkness before he snaps his fingers.

He transports me with him, and I realise he must be using fey magic if he possesses a sloppy version of Reve’s gifts. It’s not as clear, more jumbled and chaotic, but I soon find myself staring down at him. He’s asleep, curled in crimson sheets splashed with blood, with women of all shapes and sizes sprawled around his naked form, bare themselves bar his fang marks.

“Jealous, little vamp?” he taunts.

I eye the scene almost clinically. “Not really.” I smirk, and smoother than he manipulated the dreamscape, thanks to Reve’s training, I change the image. I don’t let my guys’ faces show, but I display my very own bed where my bare body is pinned down by male arms and legs. Bite marks cover every inch of my skin, as does blood and cum.

He snarls, jealousy flaring in his eyes for a moment before he conceals it. “So you are a fang whore now? Makes sense. Pity.”

“Tell yourself whatever makes you feel better.” I mock bow. “Now, did you want something?”

“You will die for your killings,” he spits. “We cannot allow it. The council has already decided.”

“Unless they assassinate us, which not even they could do, they cannot prove it. Isn’t that why you all called for this ball tomorrow. To try and trip us up?” I circle him like prey. “It won’t happen. You will lose, and anyone who stands in our way will meet the same fate as those you are here to avenge.” Stopping in front of him, I lift my hand. “Until tomorrow, false king.” I snap my fingers and cut the connection.

When I wake, I sit up stiffly. Reve is already watching me. “I blocked him. He will not be able to access your mind again. I allowed it while you were talking.” He seems reserved, so I untangle myself and crawl towards him where he sits on the chair, clambering into his lap. His hands don’t tug me closer like normal, but he doesn’t push me away either.

“I was careless. I let him get some of my blood somehow. They know who is behind this now—me,” I mutter.

“It doesn’t matter. They would have found out tomorrow anyway. Like you said, they cannot prove it, and they would have to in order to demand our deaths. Besides, we are not playing by their rules, remember?” he reasons, but he seems cold and withdrawn. Then I realise why. He was spying on us.

“Are you jealous?” I ask, tilting my head, the flames casting shadows over his face.

His teeth grind as he watches me. “You still want him.” It’s a statement phrased as a barb.

“Not even a single drop of me,” I reply without hesitation, and I open my mind to him. “See? Watch the meeting from my perspective, not just from afar. Feel what I felt. I didn’t want him, Reve. I feel sorry for him, and when I look at him, all I think about is how lucky I was to escape him and find you, my true mates—men I crave more than I crave air. Men I need more than I need blood. I never needed him like that. Only you,” I murmur as I lean in and cover his lips, letting him taste the truth.

“I wanted to transform his mindscape into a hellhole and fill it with nightmares until he begged for mercy,” he growls, gripping me. “He wanted you. I saw it. He cannot have you, Althea. You are mine, you are ours, and I will rip him apart piece by piece if he so much as touches you.”

“You’d do that for me?” I murmur, rolling my hips against him. Both of us are still bare from our feeding, so I drag my pussy along his hardening cock. He slams me down onto his dick. My head wants to fall back, but he grips my hair and pulls it until I meet his gaze.

“I’d do anything for you. You think I wouldn’t rip apart your foolish ex-mate? I’d tear out his heart for simply daring to try to claim yours. I’ve been damned once before and given a second chance, Althea, but I would be damned again for you. Always for you,” he snarls against my lips as he roughly fucks me from below.

“Yes,” I groan, my eyes sliding shut as pleasure storms through my blood, making me climb higher and higher. “I’m yours, yours.”

His lips wrap around my bouncing breasts, sucking my nipples. He drags his fangs dangerously across my skin as he bounces me faster. His other hand slides between us, rubbing at my clit hard, as if to get me off quickly to prove to us both that I’m still his.

Pleasure roars through me as I ride him faster, and then we cry out as one, our minds joined as we come. His cum splashes inside me as he groans. Winding my hips through the aftermath, I lean down and kiss his head before slowing to a stop.

The flames lick at shadows on our bodies as he lifts his head and kisses me. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I murmur.

Smacking my ass, he lifts me from his cock, making us both moan, and then he throws me towards the bed. “Now go and wake your other mates and let them fuck any memory of him away,” he orders, his hand leisurely stroking his blood and cum stained cock as he watches me with half-mast eyes and bloodied fangs.

I freeze for a moment, drinking in the sight of him before I do as I’m told.

They are the only people whom I will ever let order me around.

Not because I can’t refuse, but because I love to obey them.