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Groaning loudly, Azul hammers into my mouth as Osis laps at my clit before thrusting his tongue back into me. I speed up sucking and stroking, chasing my own pleasure. Osis copies, lashing my clit as Azul’s hips stutter.

I seal my lips around him and suck, and with a roar, Azul fills my mouth with his cum. Swallowing it down, I pull my mouth off him and seal it on Osis’s cock, making him cry out. His tongue lashes me faster as I grind back into his face, sitting on it until my own release takes over and I cry out, coming over his tongue as he spills in my mouth.

Collapsing forward, I lie across them, my eyes finding Reve who grins.

“Good girl,” he praises.

“Wake me like that any time.” Zale laughs.

“Me too.” Their voices mingle.

Giggling, I climb into their welcoming arms as Reve joins us, wrapping me up between them as my eyes shut.

Lying amongst my mates, I can’t help but think about tomorrow and what is going to happen.

We are going to face my rejected king and our entire race.

And we are going to come out victorious, covered in their blood.

We have to.

I will ensure it.



It’s the day of the ball, and everyone is extremely busy. Nathair is barking orders like a madman, and I’ve been told I’m not allowed out of my rooms until they are ready to show me the transformation. Instead, I am supposed to relax, pamper myself, and get ready for tonight.

As soon as we woke up, Reve and I told them about my night visitor, and we all agreed there wasn’t much we could do about it, but it didn’t stop them from being angry and jealous, which they readily admit. The possessive sex we had after, however, was worth it.

I’m not afraid to show them who I am tonight. Judges are meant to remain anonymous and in the background, but everything is changing, and although I will don my mask, I will also show them my face to look into the eyes of the courts who rejected, alienated, and hurt me and my family.

But first, it’s time to be pampered.

I shave and polish my entire body. I wash my hair and blow dry it before curling it and leaving it to hang freely. I want to look good tonight to match the fey’s incredible dress and also because it’s an opportunity to show my mates what I look like all dressed up. They want me even when I’m in their stolen shirts and covered in fluids, but I can’t wait to see their reactions to the dress.

If they had been there at my first presentation, I wouldn’t have run. I would have walked into their arms. I’m more excited to see their reactions than for the outcome of this evening.

There’s a pulse inside of me as the god powers flow through my blood, reminding me of my purpose. We have to cleanse our race and satisfy the gods so that we are allowed to continue to live. There will be a lot of death for those attending, but they think they will have a good time drinking, feeding, and fucking.

Little do they know, they are walking into a trap they set themselves.

I paint my nails and leave them to dry as I lie back covered in lotions they left for me. I don’t know what my guys are doing, but they aren’t here, and I’m bored for the first time since I came back to life. I wonder what they are going to wear tonight. I can’t wait to see them.

I drift to the box Nathair placed upon the fire just for something to do, the one I took from my mother’s room. My mask was inside, but I find myself running my hands over the lid, craving a piece of her even though it’s been years. Part of me feels connected to it as I trace the ornate designs before opening the lid. I find my mask nestled safely inside, cleaned and just as it first was. The silken purple cushion makes me smile. Under the lid has the same designs, and I trace my fingers over them, only to frown when my nail catches on a raised edge. Brows furrowed, I carefully lift my mask out and turn the box so I have better access to the lid. I find a seam and carefully pry it open, setting the false lid to the side. Crossing my legs, I catch the bundle that tumbles out and leave it in my lap as I put the box to the side.

On the top of the pile is a folded piece of parchment with my name scrawled across it. I hesitate over the letters, a pulse of love shooting through me from the intention behind it, and I know my mother left these to me. I carefully peel it open, and a small image drops into my hand. I can’t help but stare at the ultrasound.

It’s me, it has to be, and taped to the other side is a photograph of my mother smiling widely, her hand on her rounded belly. I look so much like her bar the colour of my hair and eyes. I have the same tall, curvy frame and wide, unchecked smile. She was so beautiful. I trace her face before tugging the photo closer. There’s another hand on her belly, reaching forward from the frame. It’s distinctly male. For a moment, my heart freezes. I’ve never given much consideration regarding my father’s identity. He has never been in my life, and I was never told who he was, but surely that hand has to be his? If so, then why did she keep this? Why give it to me?

Why didn’t my father want me?

My heart aches as I stare down at the image, at the hand pressing protectively to the belly I was in. The gesture is filled with love, yet he’s never once appeared in my life. Shaking my head, I drop the photo to the bed and pick up the letter, needing answers. I don’t have my mother’s gift of sight, but maybe she left me something.

My dearest Althea,

My little girl, how I wish I could see you grow up. If you are reading this, it is because you have found your legacy, your destiny, and I am not there to guide you through it. Know I wish I could be, and that I love you more than anything else in this world. I knew the sacrifices I would make to carry you, and I made them gladly. Not because of who you will become, but because you are my daughter and I love you. You are a part of me, a part of my true love, and the very best of both of us. I wish I could see you, not in visions but before me. I wish I could stand by your side as you face what is to come. It will not be easy, and I’m sorry.