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Reve is posed with one hip out. He has on an open shirt, showing off all his tattoos, and leather pants with slices on the side. Smirking at me, he runs his tongue across his teeth, dropping his eyes to my body as I take in my name written in gold across his stomach.

Azul is staring at me when I look at him. Wearing a matching doublet, buttoned all the way to the top, and leather pants tucked into boots, he could almost be overlooked if it wasn’t for his stunning face and muscles. His hair is messy, like normal, and his lips look thicker than usual. His eyes are lined like Lycus’s, and dangling from his neck is my name.

Osis is smiling when I glance at him. His doublet has fur trimming the edges, and a few buttons are undone. He has deep black trousers on with knee-high boots, and his hair is half held back, while the rest frames his face. On his wrist is a golden bracelet with my name on it.

Zale is last, but certainly not least. His doublet is folded back to his elbows, and his skin almost shimmers with flames. His hair is pushed back in a new style that makes his sharp cheekbones stand out, and across his forehead is my name on a simple golden band.

They are breathtaking, and they steal all of the beauty and light so I am unable to look away.

Each one of them has my name somewhere on their body except for Nathair, and like he senses my confusion, he smirks and moves his hair aside in a flourish to show me a golden half cuff around his neck, proudly stamped with my name. I can’t help but grin. They also have matching golden pins attached to their lapels with an intertwined N and C.

I just stand there, wondering how on earth I deserve these men and how we are going to make it through this ball without me getting my mouth on their cocks.

It isn’t going to happen.



“Wow,” she whispers as she stares at us, but we are the ones who are shocked.

Our mate is always beautiful, but right now?

I drop to my knees as she approaches, unable to stand in the face of such beauty. Even the gods themselves would weep in jealousy at the vision before us.

The dress is something dreams are made of. It enhances every curve on my beautiful mate. Cinched in at her waist, the fabric hugs her thick hips and showcases her long, toned legs as she walks towards us. Her breasts almost spill free, and her arms and neck are decorated in jewels. I ache to bury my fangs in her so I can taste that beauty and power.

She actually glows like a goddess who came down to walk amongst us lowly mortals. The others start to drop to their knees next to me as our beautiful queen strides towards us, completely unaware that she is destroying us with each step.

She stops before us, her head cocked. “Are you okay?” she asks and peers down at herself. “Is it not okay?” She suddenly frowns, and I hate it.

With a whine, I drop to my hands and knees and crawl towards her. “My goddess,” I murmur, rolling my eyes up to hers to let her see my truth. “We are not worthy.”

“Look at you, my queen,” Nathair growls. “Okay? Okay? There’s not even a word in our vocabulary to describe your beauty right now.” When I glance back, he has his hand over his heart like it hurts, and I understand.

Lycus’s heart is in his eyes as he watches her, swallowing hard. Conall’s shadows writhe, reaching for her as he kneels there, awestruck. Reve bites his own lip.

“Althea,” Reve purrs. “Come sit that stunning ass on my face. Please, baby.”

“Politely destroy me.” Osis grins, but he, too, is on his knees.

She giggles, and it steals the air from my lungs as I simply look at her. I feel like I am staring at a masterpiece. Art. That’s what she is.

“You all look so good,” she says, biting her lip, the musk of her desire scenting the air. I sneak closer and lick up the split in her dress. She gasps as I move higher, shifting to my knees and gripping those beautiful hips before tugging the dress up with my tongue. I slide my tongue along her inner thighs to taste her desire.

Her taste explodes in my mouth, making me growl until I’m suddenly shoved out of the way and Lycus is there, lifting her onto his mouth. She groans, tangling her fingers in his hair.

“Behave,” Nathair commands, his voice stern. “We need to prepare.”

Lycus reluctantly releases her, and Nathair strides over and, despite his own command, he slides his hand into her dress and cups her pussy as he licks her neck. “I’m betting I won’t last even half an hour with you in this dress before I have you bent over and filled with my fangs and cock.”

“Not before me.” Reve smirks as he hurries over, pressing against her back. “In fact, I’ll take that pretty mouth and let them all watch as I claim my queen.”

“Maybe we should,” Osis murmurs, and we turn to him. “I’m just saying, fucking and feeding at these types of parties is normal, so maybe we should put on a bit of a show and indulge.”

“I like that idea.” Althea grips Nathair’s hair and tugs his head back, making him groan. My cock jerks at the sight as her fangs drag along his neck. “Until then, baby, behave.” Stepping away from them with a knowing smile, she holds out her hand to me. “And show me my home and ball.”