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“Maybe while I was under your roof, but now I am a queen, and if I have to address you as a king, then you have to address me as a queen.” When he grinds his teeth, she smiles. “I thought so. These men are the only ones I address as king now. Please, go enjoy the party. We will await the council’s response.” She turns to Zale and begins a conversation.

I see both Sinclair and her rejected mate bristle, but since they are unwilling to cause a scene and show they are bothered, they fade into the party, waiting for us to make a wrong move. They won’t get an opportunity to use anything against us, however. We were forced into this ball, but we have our own plans, and they do not include theirs.

No doubt they will try to corner us at the end, so that’s when we will make our move.

After all, we have orders from the gods, and we do not answer to these men, especially ones as corrupt as the people in this room.



I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, especially about seeing Sinclair, my old king. He could demand my return, and although it won’t happen, he’s within his rights unless I pay a blood price for abandoning my court. I know he will command it so he can use my blood to gain access to my power and court. He never cared about me before, not after he realised I was nothing like my mother. He’s not a bad man, or even a bad king. He’s just power hungry and used to playing the game like the other council and court members, but they don’t realise that will all end tonight.

We are not playing the game; we are destroying it.

That gives me the confidence to ignore the questioning stares and whispers as I focus on my mates.

I lounge with them and greet those who come up to us. They are too scared not to approach us, wanting to be in our good graces. Eventually, Nathair and Lycus change back, and I am swept onto the dance floor. Sultry music pumps through the speakers as Nathair twirls me. When he dips me, he trails his lips up my neck, over my pulse, and to my ear. “I could eat you alive,draya. You are so beautiful. You are the most beautiful and powerful woman in this room. They are jealous that I get to touch you,” he purrs and spins me out, bringing me in so my back meets his chest. He holds my hips as he moves us, and my head falls back against him as I scan the crowd to see them watching us.




Spinning, I hook my leg over his hip as we dance and smile at him. “They want us both. We must make quite the beautiful pair.”

“It’s all you, my love, my incredible mate,” he murmurs, kissing me softly before twirling me out. My hand catches in another, and I grin up at Reve. Without missing a step, he tugs me closer and starts to sway me to the music, moving completely differently than Nathair’s formal but sexy dance.

His eyes drop to my dress. “I’m going to rip this off you later and watch you ride my cock while you are covered in their blood.” Leaning in, he nips my neck. “I wonder if they know they are trapped and that the beautiful queen they are all entranced by will end them before the night is through.” He spins me, and I land in a strong pair of arms.

Lycus is a big guy, but when he picks me up and moves us around the room, carrying me, he’s smooth and elegant. It’s a strange dance, but I laugh as he lifts me into the air and smiles up at me. “My perfect mate. I have searched for you for so long,” he whispers as he brings me back down, sliding my body against his until I groan. His hands drop to my ass and yank me closer, then his mouth comes down on mine. “All mine,” he purrs, and then another body meets my back.

It’s tall and strong.


He dips me before spinning me into his arms, holding me with one hand on my back and the other clasping mine as he twirls me around in a perfect ballroom dance. I realise he’s showing me off as my dress flares out and we move faster, circling the others until he stills in the middle and slowly dips me down to the floor. When he tugs me up, his lips brush mine. “My moon,” he says.

“My sun,” I reply, gripping him, but I should have known better. It seems all my mates are intent on dancing with me.

Zale rips me away, his fire burning over my skin as he growls and grinds me into his thigh, which he pressed between my legs. “I haven’t had you nearly enough tonight, mate.” One eye flashes red with his beast, and I shiver in his hold. “I will rectify that later with our enemies’ blood covering our bed.” With a lingering kiss on my forehead, he drops me into another pair of arms.

I sense Osis behind me. He holds me with his back against his chest, his arms wrapped around me as we simply sway to the music. His lips brush against my pulse in a promise, and I shiver, closing my eyes as I move with him, losing myself in the fantasy. There is no one else, only us and the music as our bodies move in perfect sync.

He nips my neck as a reminder and then steps back. My eyes open, and then I see Azul. He stands with his hand out, bent over formally to ask me to dance. I can’t help but smile widely, almost swooning at my scarred warrior. He is putting himself in the spotlight for me, his mask nowhere to be seen, yet when I place my hand in his, he straightens, looking serene and happy. He wears his scars proudly.

For you, my queen,he says mentally. “It’s because you find me beautiful. I see it every time you look at me,” he murmurs as we swirl around the room, completely out of sync with everyone else and the music, but somehow, it fits us perfectly.

“That’s because you are,” I murmur, holding him tighter.

“You make me beautiful, mate,” he replies as we dance. “Everyone here wishes they were me, wishes they could have you. They either hate you or want to be you, they can’t decide.”

Leaning in with a grin, I lick his lips. “How does it feel to be with the most desired woman then?”

“Like I’m exactly where I should be, serving my queen.” He steps back, kissing my hand with a bow, and I watch with confusion as he fades into the background. Simon steps into view, looking dazzling in his suit.

“Want to dance, pretty thang?” he teases.