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After she found me working out and practicing a few days ago, she demanded to join me, so we have been practicing a few hours a day. The first time ended with her on her knees, sucking my cock, because she said I looked too hot not to. I try to keep my distance now since we end up naked and buried in each other whenever we are close, which I love, but she wants to learn, and I will teach her. I will make her the best swordswoman there is.

“Soon,” I murmur, wondering when the blade I ordered for her will be ready.

“How did you learn?” she asks, leaning on the wooden sword as she watches me.

“There was a man in my court who was a warrior of old. He taught me when I was allowed. When I came here, I practiced with Lycus and read books to be the best I could be,” I answer without hesitation. “Again.”

Grumbling, she does as she’s told, and we run through every drill before I grab my wooden sword and spin it around my hand as I step closer.

Her mouth parts, so I slam my sword against hers before I end up bending her over rather than practicing. That can come after. “Focus,” I demand.

“I’m trying, but it’s so hard,” she whines. “You are so hot.”

“Later, I’ll show you what else is hard.” I smirk and clash our swords again. “Now focus.”

Rolling her neck, she concentrates, and we spar across the grass. I take it easy, but she soon keeps up, and we spar for real. She picks up on my moves and uses them against me until we are both panting and staring at each other. Our swords fall, and we meet in the middle, our lips slamming together as we pant, but a clap makes us break apart to find Reve watching us.

“Looking good!” he calls. “Come here, brother.”

I shoot Althea a fiery look but head over as she picks up our swords and follows.

“I thought you’d want this,” Reve says and hands over the sealed parcel. “It was delivered an hour ago.”

Grinning, I take it. “Thanks, brother.”

“What is it?” my nosy mate asks, peering over my shoulder. I head over to the bench and lay it out as she follows.

“It is for you. Open it,” I tell her.

She squeals, and I make a note to give her a present every day. She peels back the packaging and stares down in shock. I eye it carefully, making sure it’s perfect. It is. The edge is sharp, and it’s smaller than my longsword, so it’s better suited for her smaller grip. I’ll need to check the balance, but I trust the blacksmith who made this, since he’s the best in the world. My oath to her is written down the centre of the blade.

Forever my heart.

She strokes it, and when she lifts her head, there are tears in her eyes. “It’s perfect.” She tackles me to the grass, and I can’t help but laugh as she rains kisses down along my face. “I love it. I love you.” She deepens the kiss, and I roll us, wedging my hips between her perfect thighs. I need her so badly. I can’t wait anymore.

I keep my lips on hers, tasting her pleasure as I tug down her trousers. The tight pants make her ass look incredible. Her pussy is bare, as always, and wet and welcoming as I slide my fingers through her folds, feeling her need for me.

“I can’t wait,” she says. “Please don’t tease me, my love.”

“Never,” I reply, kissing her again as I yank on the laces of my breaches, free my hard cock, and drag it along her pussy to get it nice and wet for her. I’m big, and even though she’s needy, I never want to hurt her. Slowing the kiss, I press inside of my mate. Unlike our usual fucking, I move slowly and softly, rolling my hips as I claim her. Her tight, wet pussy fits me like a glove as I make love to her under the sun, showing her how much I love her.

She moans my name, and I swallow it, reaching under her to lift her ass and tilt her so my cock hits that spot that has her raking her nails down my back. I groan into her lips as we become one.

Pleasure rolls through us and grows, like the waves of the ocean, as we move together. The swells wash over us as I fill her with my length until, as one, we explode with a cry.

Panting, I press my forehead to hers, feeling her cunt fluttering around me as I come back to my body. My beautiful, strong mate lies relaxed and happy below me, her eyes open as she grins softly and cups my cheeks.

“My warrior,” she murmurs.

“My queen,” I reply as I slowly pull my length from her.

Reaching for her sword, I drag it along the mess on her pussy, christening it with our love.

Laying it down alongside mine, I roll to my side and pull her to me, closing my eyes in peace. My soul is alight with happiness. She took all the shadows and pain and made them hers.

Every inch of me.

She saved me, and now I will spend my life loving her like she deserves.

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