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“I suppose we have some things to discuss,” a cultured voice responds from behind another mask.

“I suppose we do, but I don’t presume you have anything to eat, do you?” I lick my fangs again. “I’m so very thirsty.” A shiver goes through the pale one, and I feel his blood calling to me.

“We must explain that too,” the pale-chested man responds, his voice hoarse.

“Then explain what this mark means and who you truly are.”

“We will, but first, Althea, the risen blood queen, welcome to the Court of Nightmares.”



Ifelt a stirring at the gate between the living and the dead, but I had not been expecting this. I expected another of Azul’s ghosts or ghouls, but never this.

A judge is chosen very carefully, and there has not been another in years. The last was Lycus, and that was a hundred years ago.

Shall we escort her from the temple to the formal siting room?Nathair murmurs through our bond. We are all locked down tight, not wanting to sense each other’s feelings, but I still feel the shock, desire, and hope from the others, even as they try to restrain themselves.

I nod and step towards her, unable to stop myself. “Come with us, we will explain.”

She eyes my chest, making my dead heart skip a beat as I shiver from her perusal and turn away with a dramatic flair of my cape to stop myself from striking. I trust her and the others to follow as I head through the temple to the curtained off hallway beyond, and then to the closed double doors.

Opening them, I stride into the formal sitting room. The fire is burning, like they always do here, the flames licking at the stone around it. I always find it cold in here, with the moon shining through the huge bay windows leading to the grounds beyond.

There are many sofas and chairs to seat guests, not that we have any anymore. No one has been here since the court was destroyed and the judges were born.

I feel the others filter into the room, our bond of brotherhood letting me feel it and . . .her. I feel her, and although it’s not like I feel them, there’s a calling between us. To cement our bond as judges, we are to be united as one, and she is going to realise that soon.

Realise she has come back from the dead only to tie herself to the nightmares of our world.

The bond does not have to be sexual, but I cannot stop those thoughts from filtering through as I turn to see her wandering curiously around the room.

It’s our duty to wear our masks when serving judgement, so technically we don’t have to now, but no one has removed theirs, since we all know where this is going.

After all, nightmares . . . judges feed from one another to survive, since we are all technically dead, which means she will feed from us.

That is why our robes and masks stay on, to stop us from offering ourselves too eagerly. Earlier, when she licked that wicked fang, I almost spilled in my pants, imagining it sinking into my neck with her lithe body pinning me down as she fed.

Gone is the half dead, corrupted vampyr, and in its place is a true queen, one she was always supposed to be.

She is magnificent.

Her black, blue, and purple hair flows down past her incredible round ass, which is encased by her tight jeans that hug her round hips, thick thighs, and long, perfect legs. Her top is ripped, and she tied it under her huge breasts, her nipples pebbling the material.

My cock thickens behind my robe, which I quickly close so she doesn’t see, as my mouth goes dry and my fangs lengthen with my need to taste her.

When she turns her head and looks directly at me, I swear she can sense my need. Her glossy, full lips curve up in a grin.

When she was chained, she was skin and bones, with blue veins under her skin. She was already dying. I felt it the moment Azul dragged her in for sentencing when each of us brought our sinners for the weekly judgement, but even then, she called to that dead part of me, the one that exists between the underworld and this world. I was intrigued, but I knew my duty, and I did it alongside the others.

Now, here she stands as one of us.

“So I caught the name Nathair,” she begins when none of us speak. There is no norm for this, as there’s never been a female judge. Luckily, Nathair, the oldest, steps forward to handle the introduction like he did for all of us.

As the first of the judges, the first blood king, he has the most experience.

“I am Nathair,” he responds. “I am the oldest blood king here.”

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