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I brace for rejection, for judgement, but instead, I see desire simmering in her eyes, and then her fangs lengthen, and the scent of her arousal winds around us. Lycus snarls and pulls his fangs from my neck so he doesn’t rip it out—it wouldn’t be the first time, nor would I care, but she might. He holds me up when I would have collapsed, and both of us just stare at her, unsure what to say or do.

Bet she doesn’t want me now . . .

I hear him think, his self-hatred blasting loudly, and I almost bend in fear, nearly vomiting at the idea of her rejecting not just me but my brother who deserves nothing but love after everything he has been through.

It’s only then I realise we are both unmasked.

Her eyes trace over my face before dropping to my cock, and then her tongue darts out, wetting her fangs before looking at what she can see of Lycus behind me. “I didn’t mean to disturb—okay, that’s a lie. I heard moans and followed them, but I’m not sorry.”

“I—” I swallow, searching for something to say. “I guess we should explain.” I wince. “We smelled your blood, and it, um, well, it affected all of us.”

She holds up her hand, stepping into the room. “You don’t owe me an explanation at all.” She grins, making me shudder in Lycus’s arms. “Are you two together?” she asks without judgement in her tone.

“Not like that,” Lycus rumbles. “We have fucked, yes, and we shared blood. Zale is the only one who does not fear my drinking from him.”

“The others do?” She frowns.

“They do not wish to. They do not even mean to, but sometimes they do, and I hate the tinge of fear, so I feed from Zale, who doesn’t mind.”

I shake my head, swallowing as he glances at me.

“Zale and . . . Lycus?” she guesses.

I feel him nod.

“Did the gods pick the hottest men alive or what?”

A laugh barks out of my chest as Lycus unwinds from me. I stuff my cock away as casually as I can, but the moment she looks at it, it gets hard again, and I have to shift in my jeans.

“Do all of the others feed and fuck at the same time?” she asks curiously, leaning into the wall.

“Not all.” I shrug. “But I like to fuck and feed at the same time, and since we can only feed on each other . . .”

She nods. “Makes sense. Also, don’t let me stop you. That was hot as hell to witness.” I feel Ly jerk, and then she glances at him. “So why do they fear feeding you?”

He stiffens, and I feel his unease, but like the warrior my brother is, he tells her, no doubt to give her an out before he gets too attached. “The gifts the gods blessed me with help our cause, and they make me powerful, but there are also downsides . . .” I glance over to see him swallowing. “My bite is venomous, like a spider’s bite. It can paralyze, can even kill if I intend it to. My blood . . . it’s poison,vecha.”

I startle at the endearment, my eyes widening. No matter how much Ly tries to pull away in case she rejects him, he can’t seem to, like all of us.

“The others fear the venom without meaning to.”

“They are idiots,” she replies with a grin, and I snort. “Okay, maybe don’t tell them that, but if you are worried that I fear your bite, Lycus, don’t be.” She slides closer to him, proving just that as she grins up at the giant. “I trust you.” It’s evident she means it, and then she winks at me. “And so does he.”

God fucking damn, who created this woman and gave her to us?

She’s fucking perfect. I feel her healing words washing through my brother and know he’s as taken with her as I am.

“Anyway . . .” She claps. “I got lost when Reve went to shower, which I’m guessing now means he went to wank. Can anyone direct me?”

“Me,” we both blurt, making her laugh, and I can’t help but laugh alongside her.



Seriously, what is in the water—err, blood around here?

I walk between Lycus and Zale, and my tongue is thick with nerves. I’m experienced, and I’ve had my fun, but all of them look like walking gods. They are so far above me, and the power radiating from them is enough to leave me breathless.

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