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He looks me over, and when he meets my gaze, he smiles softly. “You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen,” he whispers. “The only one to ever touch me with kindness.”

That makes me want to weep, but I hold back my tears and smile. “And one day, you will see yourself through my eyes,” I reply, knowing he won’t believe simple words.

He slides into my embrace, lying against me. I don’t wrap my arms around him fully, knowing he probably won’t want the feeling of being held down, so instead, I wrap them around him softly, loosely, and let him tilt his head for me.

Not wanting him to think he’s with someone else, I hold his hand as I run my fangs across his neck. He shivers, and I freeze. “Good or bad?”

“Good,” he croaks.

I do it again, feeling his cock harden against me, but I don’t push my luck. I need him to know my touch will only ever bring pleasure, and I don’t want him to feel nervous, so with a soft kiss over his pulse, I slide my fangs gently into his neck.

The first taste of his blood is strong and cold, almost like touching a grave. I taste darkness, pain, and so much more. I can’t hold back my moan, and I feel it vibrate through him as he jerks and groans.

The connection clicks into place, and I pour everything down it.

I let him feel everything, all the emotions, pleasure, and need. We are unable to lie in our minds, so he has to believe it. I know it won’t heal him instantly, but I don’t want him to hide from me. I love his face. I would fucking paint it if I were talented enough.

It’s a face I’m dying to sit on.

For a moment, there’s a projection of him sinking into me, fucking me as I feed, before he pulls it back, ashamed. Grinning against his skin, I drink deeper as I wrap my legs around him, letting him feel the heat of my pussy as I grind against his hardness, showing him my own fantasies through our connection. I send him images of me riding him, of his blood covering him as I lick and drink from his body, and another as he feeds from me, fucking me from behind.

“Althea,” he moans, grinding his hips painfully against me. “Please, please.”

I never want him to beg, so I tighten my legs around him and rub against him, giving him the friction he needs as I visualise him fucking me, his hands sliding up my body to cup my breasts as his fangs sink deeply into my neck.

He comes with a roar. Pulling my fangs out so he doesn’t hurt himself, I lick the marks and stroke his back as he shakes and groans, rolling his hips before he collapses on me. I hold his weight, loving the feeling.

“Are you okay?” I ask, needing to be sure.

“Better than okay.” He lifts his head, his eyes soft as he watches me. “I never thought I’d be able to let a female feed from me again. Thea, you are a miracle.”

“Nope, just dead.” I grin, making him grin back. “Now, how about we go find the others?”

“In a minute. I . . . ah, need to clean up.” He blushes, making me grin wider, and I’m unable to stop myself from teasing him. I roll my hips slowly to feel the wetness across his cock.

“Really? I think you should walk around with your cum staining your dick so everyone knows just what your queen did to you.”

His blush deepens, but I feel his cock hardening once more, as he’s clearly liking the possessiveness of my words. He blinks then. “What happened to your tongue?”

* * *

* * *

While Azul cleans up, I play with the bags that seem to have appeared in my room and bathroom, rifling through skincare, makeup, and hair accessories. Shrugging, I decide to do my makeup. Something about it always makes me feel stronger and more confident.

I don’t add foundation like before, since my skin glows with power, but I do add some blush and highlighter. I’m just drawing on some smoky black eyeliner when Reve appears from nowhere and hops up on the counter. Arching a brow at him, I focus on drawing the lines and then smoking them out. It makes my eyes pop, and when I lean back, he whistles.

“Goddamn, do mine,” he says.

“You sure?” I ask. I used to do Simon’s sometimes, so when Reve parts his legs and pulls me closer, I lean in.

This, however, is not like doing my gay best friend’s makeup, I realise all too quickly. His spicy scent goes straight to my aching, still wet pussy, and my nipples harden as I feel all that strength pressed against me along with his huge, hard length, which he does nothing to hide. I try to ignore it, focusing on adding some to his bottom and top lids and then smearing it out as he watches me hungrily.

Stepping back, I admire my work and nod. “Hot.”

His eyes seem darker, sultrier, and he looks every inch the bad boy.

Turning, he grins at himself. “Yeah, would you sit on my face now?”