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It’s also very consuming.

“How about you smear it across my cock too, pretty girl?” he purrs.

Huffing, I fix my makeup and fluff my hair before grabbing some new clothes. Sliding into a super soft skirt that falls to my ankles with a split up one side and a crop top, I leave my bra and knickers off, comfy and stylish.

He growls as he watches me, stalking my every move as I get ready. I clench my thighs together, smearing my need across them, and the scent only drives him mad.

He tries to grab me again, so I dance out of his reach and rush to find the others before I let him pull me to bed and do all the dirty things he wants to, the ones I could see in his eyes.

The ones I want as well.



The others are gathered in the room where Nathair fucked me, all in various states of training. I step in with Reve, and he instantly moves over to a blank wall at the back.

“Time to see what we can do.” Nathair grins as he holds out his hand to me. “You have to trust us as much as we do you. You have to know you can depend on us. We will work on your powers, but first, it might help to see ours in action, yeah?”

“Yes!” I shout in excitement, taking his hand. He leads me over to a floor pad for fighting, but instead of sparring, he sits me down on it.

“Then watch and see.” He winks, his hand lingering against mine for a moment before he walks away. Nathair glances at the wall he fucked me against, and it makes me tighten my thighs together as I fight the desire that twists within me so I can focus on what they are doing—which is not something I wish they were doing, like fucking me.

That comes after, Reve promises in my head, his silky voice making me shudder. I’m used to them talking in my head, but their whispered, dirty promises affect me so much more than if they said them out loud. They inflict the words with their intention so I can almost taste what will happen.

Focus, I tell myself.

“You’ve already seen some of Conall’s, so why don’t you begin, brother?” Nathair calls to the big man who’s leaning casually against a mirror.

Conall nods and waits for me to look at him. One moment, he’s there, and the next, shadows obscure him so I have to focus to even feel his presence. They stretch out into the room, crawling along the floor like ghostly fingers, and when they slide up my legs, I gasp at the sensation.

They are warm and almost feel like hands touching me.

They slide under my skirt, the tendrils tickling along my thighs before rubbing my mound and sliding up my body. They grip my breasts and then my neck before suddenly disappearing, leaving me panting and wide-eyed.

Conall grins innocently at me from the same spot he was in before the shadows stole him. “I can control any darkness, but more than that, I can control the elements to some extent.” He holds out his hand, and I watch as a small tornado starts to spin on his palm, and then rain falls across him and thunder roars in the distance. “The sun is harder, but I’m getting there.” He drops his palm, watching me expectantly.

I just stare, unsure what to say.

“Oh, and there is one more perk.” He’s gone again, but there are no shadows this time. Black swirls before me, and he appears out of it, making me fall back as he pins me. “I can use them to conceal myself, almost like transporting—well, I can in the darkness.”

“That’s so cool,” I whisper, staring up at his face in awe.

“My turn,” Reve says, and Conall winks as he rolls to lie at my side, resting his hand on my thigh.

I turn my gaze to Reve, even though Conall’s hand slides up my leg and under my skirt, teasing me like his shadows.

“You know I can dream walk, but that’s not all.”

The wall suddenly disappears, and in its place is a field, a meadow, that looks so real, I lean forward to touch it. The grass is bright green, birds sing, and trees arch up to the blazing sun. I can even smell the fresh air and flowers, but then the scene warps into a graveyard so suddenly, I jerk.

“I can manipulate what you see. I could trap you in a fictional place if I wanted to or give you good or bad dreams and guide you through visions,” he murmurs as the whole room suddenly disappears, and instead, I am back in my bedroom, asleep with them all curled up around me.

It also disappears, and then I recoil when something crawls from the floor before me, its clawed hand reaching for me before it, too, disappears into a poof of air. Panting, I look up at Reve before a smile curls my lips. “You are incredible.”

He jerks before a slow smile curves his wicked lips. “I knew you would see it that way.”

“Enough showing off,” Nathair says teasingly. “Zale?”

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