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I wonder . . .

Dragging my hand up her arm and across her shoulder, I grip her throat to keep her attention. Her eyes widen, and her pulse speeds up under my hand, making my fangs lengthen. “Althea, be a good girl and kiss me.”

Eyes simmering, she leans into me. I make no move to help her as she leans in and brushes her lips softly against mine.

“Properly,” I order, tightening my hold.

Moaning, she presses her lips to mine and kisses me. I don’t kiss her back, but when she leans away, looking sad, I can’t resist.

I pin her to the floor and dominate her teasing little mouth, showing her what good girls who follow orders get.

Her hands come up and grip my shoulders, holding me to her as I kiss her. My mind spins and whirls with her sweet, drugging kiss, invading my usual calmness as I groan into her lips.

“Well, Nathair was right,” Zale says with a laugh.

I didn’t even hear him arrive, but I can’t stop myself from placing one more kiss against her raw lips.

“He sent me in just in case you two got distracted.”

Pulling away, I feel my cheeks flush as I turn to see him.

He just grins, leaning against the door as he watches us. “I don’t blame you.” He shrugs. “But Nathair wants you, and it’s my turn with our Thea.” He rubs his hands together wickedly, and for a moment, jealousy fills me before I sit up and pull her with me, sliding my hand over her face in a loving caress.

I am desperate to dive into the feelings between us, the ones that affect my usual calm persona. I want to know what a good girl she would be when she’s filled to the brim with my cock and cum.

She kisses my palm softly, and my heart skips a beat. “Be good,” I purr before standing, then I clap Zale on the shoulder on my way past.

My body is alight with her touch, her taste, and the life I felt on her lips, as well as the death that lingers on mine.



Iwatch her for a moment. Her lips are red and swollen from kissing Osis, and her eyes glitter with want. She’s so beautiful, it leaves me speechless for a moment as I just stare at her.

She watches me back, and that’s when I realise she’s worried I’m upset about finding her kissing Osis.

Pushing from the wall, I head her way, not stopping until I sit before her just like Osis was. “Do not ever worry about us catching you with another. It is bound to happen, and we are all together anyway. We will never not want or need you, Althea. Plus, I’m realising I like to watch,” I admit without shame. Her eyes widen, and I grin at the shock on her face. “I’ll show you one day, but I’ve never had a problem sharing,” I tell her, licking my lips as she watches me. All sorts of images come to mind, but I push them away, needing to focus. “But we better get to work before Nathair finds us and we get told off, or maybe even punished.” I wink, making her laugh.

“You saw me transform. Nathair is curious if you can channel that,” I say, not voicing my fear regarding transforming before her or her getting close to the beast that lives within me, but he seems tame at the moment. “Shall we try it?”

“Hell yes.” She wiggles excitedly, and my mind supplies me with an image of her wiggling on top of me like that. She laughs, obviously seeing it, and smacks my thigh. “Behave.”

“If you do.” I wink. “Okay, unlike Osis, my power does not come from peace. It comes from emotion . . . from fire,” I purr, running my eyes down her body. “Use strong emotions, such as anger, hate, love, and desire.” I lick my fangs, and she watches the movement. “You let that fire flow through you and change you.”

“Sounds easy,” she replies breathlessly, the scent of her need making me growl.

“Then let’s try it.” I hold out my hand, and she takes it, knowing power is enhanced with a connection. “Focus on those or something that makes you feel it.”

“What do you focus on?” she asks curiously.

“Usually desire,” I reply, not willingly to admit that focusing on any other emotion makes it harder to control. I don’t want her thinking I’m weak. “I think of feeding, of fangs sinking into flesh, and the first moment blood explodes in my mouth. I think about Lycus stroking my cock as he feeds from me, or my own hand pumping myself to release as I feed. Recently, my thoughts have been of you riding me as you feed from me, or one of the others taking your neck as you do, their cock in your pretty little ass, all while you drain and fuck me dry.”

“Fuck,” she murmurs. “That would be so hot. I’d keep using you even when you begged me to stop.”

“I wouldn’t. I’d beg you to drain every single drop of blood and cum from me as you let the others fuck and feed from you,” I tell her. Her chest rises faster as she watches me, her eyes sparkling with desire. “Good, you’re feeling it. Let it flow through you.” With that image in my mind, I reach for my change, but this time, I push it down my arm and through my skin to hers, only hesitating for a moment before I remember what Nathair said.

She will be safe.