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My hand slides over her plump ass as my cock jerks. She parts her thighs and lifts her ass, letting me see her glistening pink cunt.

It’s pink with her desire, and her clit is engorged. Her hair cascades over her shoulder as she looks back at me with a cheeky grin.

For a moment, time freezes.

The gods gave me a choice once, and I thank every single one of them right now for giving me that choice and then giving her to me.

My need for her is so strong it almost doubles me over. The bond between us grows stronger with every interaction, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

Almost like a mating, but much, much more powerful.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” She grins.

“I might,” I reply. “I’ve never seen something as perfect or as beautiful in my long life. You are too fucking perfect. I’ve seen beauty in my lifetime, but never like this.” Words cannot do her justice.

She is the type of woman men go to war over, who makes a warrior reckless in his attempt to capture her.

Her eyes simmer, her fangs lengthening. “Then fuck me and touch every inch of this beauty,” she purrs, and a man doesn’t need to be told twice, not when she looks at me like she can’t wait to feel my huge cock fill her.

I slide my hand over her ass then hesitate, but it isn’t the time for that now. I’m a big guy, so it would hurt like hell.Later, I tell myself as I drag my fingers over her pussy, smearing her need as I circle her clit. Her head drops to Zale’s chest as she pushes back to meet my fingers. Her pretty cunt is on display for me, showing just how much she wants this.

The memory of how she felt coming on my fingers is enough to have me spearing them inside her, stretching her for my big cock. “You’ll need to come at least twice to take my cock, little one.”

“Then make me.” She groans, pushing back to take my thick fingers deeper.

I work my digits deep before pulling them out, watching my thick, scarred fingers slide out covered in her cream. I hold them out for Zale, and he sucks them clean.

She pushes back with a moan, so I push them back into her pussy, and as she fucks herself on them, I flick her clit with my other hand, needing to feel her come apart for me. Her mouth works over Zale’s throat again, biting but never breaking the skin as he groans beneath her.

She’s close, her thick thighs shaking, and I crave her release.

When I pinch her clit, she screams her first release. I pull my fingers out and shove them into my own mouth, desperate to taste her cum. Groaning, I fight back the urge to come from her taste alone, and instead, I slide my hands under her and grip her thick thighs.

I yank her lower body up, sealing my mouth over her pussy like a starving man as she kisses Zale. My hand slides up her body, over her belly, to her heavy breasts as I tweak and flick her nipples, attacking her cunt for more of her taste.

I spear my tongue inside of her, feeling her tight channel clench around it. I can’t fucking wait to feel it around my cock, to feel her come on it. Dragging my fangs up her slit, I gently pierce each side of her clit and then seal my mouth to her cunt as she comes with a gush, screaming her release into my brother’s mouth.

I swallow every drop of her cum, then I let her collapse as I pull out my cock. I drag it along her dripping pussy and grip her hair before she bites Zale, holding her back from him. With my fangs bared, I slam into her pussy all the way to the hilt, impaling her on my huge length.

She screams and claws at Zale, who bows with a yell over the pain.

“Fuck,” I howl. “You should feel her cunt. Gods, nothing better.” I hammer into her, unable to help it. Pleasure claws at my back, and my balls tighten. Her cunt milks my cock, stretching around it so prettily. The sight of my huge length sliding it and out, coated in her cum, is so fucking sexy, I know I’ll come later just from thinking about it.

I project it down the bond, making them all stumble and come from the sight.

I slam into her, watching her fat ass jiggle with the force. Smacking one cheek, I watch my handprint appear there as she cries out, writhing between us, then I wrap one arm around her as I tug her up, widening my stance as I fuck her.

I power into her, the wet sounds of bodies coming together loud. Zale snaps below her, biting at the air to get to her, his eyes wild and on fire. Knowing we are all close, I scratch my fangs along her neck and sink them into her.

She bows in my arms, clawing as I lift my mouth and let the blood flow down her and onto him, driving him wild as she clamps so tightly around my cock, I have to breathe through the need to come, not wanting this to be over yet.

Instead, I sink my fangs in once more, in another spot, and stay there as I hammer into her tight cunt until it’s too much, and when she comes again, she takes me with her. I spill inside of her with a roar, her blood flowing down my chin.

Snarling, she rips herself from my fangs and cock. I fall back, watching my cum drip from her pretty pussy as she rips open Zale’s pants and slams herself down on him. They both cry out, her head thrown back as blood continues to flow down her to him, coating them like a second skin. My cock twitches and hardens again, so I wrap my fist around it and tug myself as I watch our goddess, our queen, ride Zale.

Her claws slam into his chest to hold him still, and he roars in approval, fighting under her to get to her neck. She holds him off, finding her pleasure with a scream, and then lowers to slam her fangs into his neck, making his back arch as he roars his release.

When she releases his neck, he turns his head and bites her throat, making her scream again. From my angle, I can see her pretty pussy clenching in another orgasm as he drinks from her until they both collapse. Stepping over them, I pump my cock and splatter my release across them, making her whimper.

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