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“Yes,” Reve says grimly. “You leave yourself vulnerable when you transfer to another. Do not ever do that again, not with one that’s so evil and strong.”

“I know where he is,” I tell them as Osis gently cleans my face with a cloth, and I lean back into who I realise is Zale, his warmth making me relax even as I tremble. “There was a sign, West Fourteen and Third. I think it was a sewer.”

“Then that’s where we go. Zale, take her home—”

“No.” I sit up. “I’m fine, and I’m going with you.”

“Not after that. He knows you now. The path works both ways,” Nathair begins.

“I do not care. I’m going with you. I am either one of you or I’m not,” I snap. “Which is it?”

Sighing, he responds, “One of us. Fine, but you do not touch his mind again, no matter what, okay?”

I nod, and Zale helps me stand. “You need to feed,” he tells me, “to regain your strength if we are to face him.”

“I don’t want to weaken—”

Several arms are thrust towards me, making me grin, so I select one at random which turns out to be Reve’s. When I bite into his flesh, he groans and falls to his knees. I watch him as I drink, and when his eyes lift, they glow with hunger and power.

Licking the wounds, I pull back. “Thank you.”

He pants. “I just came so hard, bloody woman. It’s very inappropriate to go into a killing dungeon with cum in my pants.”

I smile, which I never thought I would expect, and then I look around, and it fades. “What about this?”

“We will anonymously alert the courts so they can collect their children. It is only right.”

I nod again and follow them out, wanting to leave all the death behind. Anger consumes me for the one responsible. I saw into his head and found evil there. He’s done it before, and he will keep doing it until someone stops him. He enjoyed it, and now he knows we are on to him.

It’s going to be one hell of a fight, but I know with them at my side, he doesn’t stand a chance.

He will rue the day he crossed the blood kings and queen.

* * *

We are above ground, standing at a crossroads.

“A church, really?” I groan. It’s on the intersection, its doors open with candlelight glowing from within. Luckily, it should be empty this late at night. “A serial killer vampyr is hiding under a church?”

“Ironic,” Reve mutters.

“Dramatic, more like,” Lycus offers.

“Vamps always are,” Conall mutters. “Just ask Nathair, with the whole silk robes get-up.”

“I like comfort.” He frowns, and I smile. Even in the darkest moments of our roles, they make me smile. “Plus, you weren’t moaning when I gifted you a matching one for Samhain.”

“Wait, you all have matching silk robes?”

Seven sets of wincing eyes meet my gaze, and I can’t help but laugh, doubling over as I wheeze. “I’m just . . . imagining you all . . . sitting around in them.”

“Easy access, love,” Reve whispers. “If you’re good, I’ll show you.”

I lean into the closest person, which happens to be Zale, as I continue to laugh. He catches me, his grin concealed under his mask.

“Okay, I’m okay,” I tell him, even as I snigger.

“You sure?” Conall teases.

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