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We stride past the coat check, through the double doors, and into the club that covers the entire underground of the block. Writhing bodies drunk on blood and nectar crowd the dance floors on different levels. Blood booths are along the back wall for feeding and fucking, and there is more than one orgy taking place. There’s a circular bar running up and down all the floors, which is connected with vampyrs sliding down to grab bottles from below and then back up to serve.

The place pounds with bass, the music sexy and thumping in time with our hearts. When I used to come to places like this after I first changed, the power staggered me, but now it just makes me grin. I feel more than that when I’m sucking my kings’ cocks.

Don’t you forget it, Conall says.

I used to love these clubs. I visited them when I first changed because my court couldn’t reach us here. We would drink and fuck our nights away, trying to forget our future and worries, I admit.

Reve chuckles in my head.And now you hunt in them. If only they knew who stood in their midst.

Nathair grins at us.Split up, you know the drill. Thea, you go with Azul.

I cock my head.I love playing with Azul, but I figured Nathair would want me close. For a moment, our bond closes, and a message just for me floats through my head.

He hates places like this. He used to be paraded and used. I normally wouldn’t bring him, but he insisted, and I know with you at his side, he will be okay.

I nod and instantly take Azul’s hand, pulling him after me as I move to the flat edge of the platform and leap to the one above. Why have stairs when we don’t need them?

We wander around the second layer, watching people dance and fuck and feed, waiting for someone to misbehave. It’s an arduous task, and I find myself swaying with the music.

“Do you want to dance?” Azul says out loud.

“No, it’s okay.” I grin, knowing he would probably hate that.

“I’m here by choice with the most beautiful woman in the world at my side. Now, would you like to dance?” he asks again, his scarred face hidden in the darkness. He notices the direction of my thoughts and smiles. “I chose whom to display myself for, and I always will for you.”

Smiling like an idiot, I lead him to the edge of the dance floor so there aren’t too many bodies pushing against him, and then I plaster myself to his chest to protect him while also feeling all those hard muscles against me. My arms circle around his neck as I wind and grind my hips. He groans and watches me move before dragging me closer and rolling his own.

I feel his hard cock as he sways and dances with me. Laughing, I turn and drop, dragging my ass up his body and making him moan. It’s indecent, but I don’t care. I love his reaction. He grips my hips to the point of pain and pulls me back as we dance to the music.

Nathair laughs.Okay, kids, time to focus.

Spinning, I lean up and kiss Azul, laughing as I pull back to see his expression, but then something catches my eye over his shoulder—a familiar head of hair and a grin I know better than my own. He’s in a booth, holding a drink in his hand and surrounded by people.


My whole world crashes down.



Fuck, Nathair says.Cover her. We can’t be caught while hunting. There will be too many questions and too many people.

I know we are supposed to work in the dark and no one is supposed to know, but for a moment, I ache to call out. They are right, though. It would cause a commotion. I have to let him go.

Conall wraps his shadows around me, concealing me, as Reve projects something else. All the while, I stand here with my heart thumping in pain and happiness at seeing him alive and well.

Come on, time to go.

Nodding, I let them lead me out the back door, where we break into the darkness. I’m about to speak when the door clangs open behind us.

“Althea!” a familiar voice yells.

I spin to see Simon looking around.

“No one can see through our gifts,” Reve murmurs. “How strange.”

“I—” Simon slumps. “I could have sworn I smelled her. Maybe I really am going crazy.” He rubs at his face, and I notice how tired he truly looks, so I push their power from me. They allow me to, feeling my breaking heart. My brother is hurting, and I can’t let him suffer.

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