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Azul kisses my side, and then he and Zale slip from the bed as well. “We will carry on hunting. Are you coming, Reve?”

“But boobs,” he whines.

I laugh as Zale comes back, grabs him, and hauls him up, leaving Nathair and me. I flip over until I can see him, and his hand slides down to grip my ass as he sits up in his bed, looking every inch the impressive king he is.

“I think they are giving us privacy.” I smile conspiratorially.

“Oh, I think so too,” he murmurs, his eyes hungry as he watches me. “I wonder whatever for.”

I pretend to think, tapping my chin as I watch him. “Maybe to rest?”

“I’ve rested enough, as have you.” He grabs me and hauls me up until I’m above him. “How about we do what they all wish they were?”

“And what is that, my king?” I purr as I lean down and lick his plump lower lip.

“Fucking you until neither of us can move,” he rumbles beneath me, his hands roving possessively over my skin. “Marking up this delicious body of yours and tasting every single inch in the darkness where we belong.” His fangs dig into my lip, making me groan as I sit up and straddle him. “So, my queen?” He arches a brow. “What do you think?”

“I think you’re talking too much.” I grab his hard cock and sink down onto his length. It’s a tight squeeze. I’m wet, but he’s huge, and I groan as I work myself down until I’m finally fully seated. He watches me with nothing but love and worship in his eyes, his inner monologue filling my head.

So goddamn beautiful.

Even the moon itself is jealous of my queen’s beauty.

She’s so tight, and she feels so good. Don’t embarrass yourself.

Despite the fact that he’s thousands of years old, I make Nathair lose control, and that makes me clench around him until he groans.

“Ride me, my queen, I’m yours.”

I see the truth in his head. He loves his men, his brothers, and doesn’t mind sharing, but he thinks having me all to himself is heaven. I make a note to try and divide my time better. It’s hard since there are so many of them, and I enjoy them all equally as much, but his thoughts are valid.

I grip his hands and drag them to my breasts as I roll my hips and claim him. The moon bathes us both in its glory, just two beings of the night twined together through blood and fate.

I keep my eyes on him as I ride him, and he leaves his mind open so I can feel his worship and see his emotions.

So good. Nox, it was never like this before. How did I end up at a goddess’s mercy? I never want to be anywhere else.

Rocking faster, I let my head fall back as I claw at his chest, making him groan and thrust up into me harder. We work together at a leisurely pace that drives me closer to the edge of release with each thrust.

“Feed, my king,” I command, and he rises, the angle deepening, making me moan.

Gripping my hair, he drags my head back until my throat makes a long line, and then his fangs scrape along my skin. “When you come on my cock, I will. I want to taste the pleasure in your blood.”

His other hand slides between us and dances across my clit as I speed up, bouncing on his cock. My sharp nails dig into his shoulders, clawing until blood wells and rolls down his back, making him groan against my skin. His fingers pinch my clit, and my release explodes through me, and only then does he strike. He slides his fangs into my throat and drinks down my cries, my pleasure, and my blood as I writhe on top of him. When he pulls back, I slump, but he rolls us, keeping us connected. Grabbing my hands, he stretches them above us and pins them to the bed before he begins to kiss me, letting me taste my blood. All the while, his hips move in slow, rolling thrusts as he fills my squeezing cunt.

“So beautiful.” I heard the words in his head, but something about hearing him say them out loud has me crying out against his lips as I lift my legs and he drives into me, the force rocking the bed.

“Harder, please, Nathair!” I beg, my head tossed back.

Groaning, he slams into me, the force making the bed creak. “More,” I demand.

He speeds up, and I hold on as he fucks me. Each thrust caresses those nerves that make me wild beneath him, and then I can’t take it any longer. I reach up and sink my fangs into his throat, and with a roar, he hammers into me as I feed until we both still, our releases taking us once more just as there’s another ominous creak and the bed breaks under us.

We end up in a tangle of limbs and sheets and look at each other wide-eyed before laughing. “This bed has survived centuries, yet one night with you, my queen, and it’s destroyed. That’s how powerful you are, and that’s how crazed you make us,” he croons as he kisses me, our bodies still intertwined. “I look forward to spending the rest of our lives breaking as many as we can.”

“Me too,” I promise with a soft smile as I turn my head and look at the moon.

I feel the power of it soak into my skin, along with his love, as he starts to roll his hips again, filling me softly and slowly with his huge length. His lips, filled with promises and love, drag along my neck as we make love in the aftermath.

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