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“Good boy,” I purr, and he jerks in my grip, letting me know he liked that.

“Do you need to feed?” I ask, hoping he does. I want to feel his fangs inside of me almost as badly as I want to feel his huge cock buried in me. Like he knows my thoughts, he opens his eyes and nods jerkily.

I step back until I reach the table, and then I hop up and spread my legs so he can see my glistening cunt. “Then what are you waiting for?” I tilt my head to offer him my neck.

He dives at me like a starving man, and I can’t help but laugh as I wrap my legs and arms around him. My laughter ends in a moan when he nips at my neck, his cock dragging along my pussy.

Pulling back, he looks at me for consent.

“Oh god, Osis, please fuck me,” I demand. Gripping his chin, I look into his eyes. “Fuck me with your huge cock and feed from me until I’m impaled on you right here.”

He pulls his hips back and then slams into me, forcing me to stretch around him. The burn turns to pleasure as I fall back, gripping the table and knocking things off. I don’t care. I wrap my legs around his waist as his fists meet the surface of the table next to me, and he flexes his hips, fucking me.

“Osis,” I call, making him snarl and slam into me so hard, it pushes me across the table.

He rips off my dress, leaving me exposed below him. His gaze pins me in place, filled with possession and obsession, and his fangs are so long they have to hurt. “Oh Nox.” I clench around his cock when he lifts my ass from the table to tilt me back, taking me deeper. “Harder,” I demand.

Snarling, he does just that, the sound of our slapping bodies echoing around the court as pleasure explodes through me.

My hands connect with a bowl, and I lift it to see it’s filled with strawberries. Grabbing one, I drag it across his lips, coating them in juice, and then I lift myself to kiss him. Gasping, he hammers into me harder, rocking the table from the force, and when I drop back with a moan, he grabs the bowl. He squeezes the berries and slathers them across my chest, and then his head lowers as he licks the fruit from my skin. His tongue dances across my breasts and flicks my nipples before he sucks them, making me clench around him. Groaning, he bites my breasts as he licks me clean, and then his lips glide up to my neck and without warning, he sinks his fangs into me.

I shatter around him, clawing at his shoulders and back as he continues to pummel into me, fucking me through my release and leaving me crazed below him.

Dragging my hands down his back, I grip his flexing ass and encourage him to move faster and harder as he feeds. “That’s it, baby. Feed, take me,” I rasp, tilting my head to give him better access.

His thrusts speed up, and I know he’s close. I can’t wait to feel him come inside of me, but I didn’t expect his fingers to slide between our bodies and squeeze my clit as he pulls from my neck.

“What—” The question ends on a scream when he slams his fangs into my breast. The release takes me by surprise, ripping through me so forcefully, I arch off the table, and with a roar, he follows me, filling me with his cum as I milk his cock. He lifts his head, his lips dripping with blood, and it covers me as he buries himself as far as he can as he empties inside me.

When the pleasure suddenly abates, his head drops to my chest ,and I grip his once white hair, now tinted red, and stroke him as I try to breathe. My body is limp and drained in the best way.

A noise has me looking up, and I spy Reve at the head of the table with a bowl of something in his hands as he eats. “Don’t mind me.” He grins. “Just enjoying the show.”

I can’t help but giggle, and when Osis lifts his head, he smiles at the sound. He brushes my hair away from my face, and he gets this look in his eyes that sobers me instantly.

“I’m yours forever, my queen,” he promises, and I kiss him, tasting the truth of the words.



“Don’t—” Lycus groans, flopping back with a pained moan when I wrap the shadows around him once more, stroking them over his body until it arches into the air.

I’m practicing the powers that I borrow from them, and he happily volunteered to help, but little did he know, I planned to torture him all day, and I have. I heated his blood until he almost came, and then I created scenes of us fucking that left him on his knees, and now?

Now this . . .

“Fuck, don’t make me come in my trousers again, baby, please.”

I caress him with shadows until he’s panting, his hips lifting as I hold him with them. I like to hear him beg, so I tighten the shadows around him, and he groans, thrashing in my grip.

“Thea!” he yells. “Gods, baby, please. Please, touch me. Taste me. Fuck me. Just take me, baby, please.”

I hold him like that as I slide closer, grinning down at him. “Or what?”

His eyes narrow. He’s been patient with me up until now, but I see the change come over him. His hands fist at his sides, and the shadows suddenly break. I scramble back to give him room as he shifts, my breath catching as he transforms into the spider once more, and when his eyes lock on me, I see his intent.


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