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At least it’s convenient. I let out a smile but then have to school my features.Come on, Raine! This is not the time to be making inappropriate jokes even if it’s in your head!

Somehow we end up standing close to the front on the other side of where Mom’s boss and his son are standing. I take a minute to look at him and observe him. He’s definitely the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen. He could be a model. The gods favored him when they made him.

After a few minutes, I look away. I don’t want to be caught staring. I stand there and look around, waiting for this to be over so that I can go back home and do nothing. A second later, I feel eyes on me. Somehow, you always just know when someone is watching you and this raises the hair on the back of my neck. It doesn’t feel like a friendly one.

I lift my head up to look around but don’t notice anyone actively staring. It’s weird, but the stare feels malicious in a way, like it’s burning my skin. Is a malicious stare a thing?

I don’t know if I’m being weird but have you ever felt someone’s stare on you and just knew that they didn’t have the best intentions toward you?

Eventually, I try to push the feeling away. I think my overactive imagination is running wild again. I’m glad when the burial is finally over and we’re on our way home. Once we get home, I shower and then lie on my bed to do some more digging. I didn’t look into him before but now I’m curious as hell.

I look for everything and anything I can find on Jonathan Riverside’s son and a second later, there are pages of stuff on him. His name is Knox Riverside. It wasn’t hard to find him since he’s this town’s golden boy and football star extraordinaire. He’ll also be a senior at Riverside Academy, the new school Mom said I’ll be attending on Monday.

I’m happy about that. From the moment I saw him today, I was intrigued. It was like a zing went through me and I felt so attracted to him, which is something that’s never happened to me before.

I haven’t dated much but I have been on a few dates. None of them made me feel like I wanted to rip my clothes off for them. I let out a sigh. He’ll probably never even know I exist. We’re from different circles when it comes to the high school hierarchy—his place being at the top, king of the jocks, while mine is at the bottom as one of the lowly nerds.

I’ll probably be as invisible to him as I was to most of the guys at my old school. I wasn’t anything special. I was the girl that guys looked over and never picked. The dates I went on were ones my friends set me up with, so technically, those guys didn’t pick me either.

Oh well, a girl can dream, right? Dream about the handsome jock falling in love with her and they live happily ever after. I let out a snort at that thought. That’s never going to happen.

Anyway, I have this weekend to psych myself up for being the new girl at this preppy-ass rich school. I just hope it goes well.



It’s reallycrazy how you just blink and then the weekend is over. I need a day between Saturday and Sunday just to exist and do nothing.

It’s Monday morning already. I’m excited but also nervous to start this new school. I spent Saturday going to the store with Mom to get last-minute school supplies and then yesterday when I woke up, she dragged me outside. My mouth dropped when I saw the new car in our driveway waiting for me. I was speechless and didn’t even know what to tell her.

I know we’re well off and that she could afford it, but I didn’t think she’d be getting me a new car so soon.

She told me that it was time I started driving myself to school now that we were here. I needed my independence. I got my license last year in New York but since my school was just a fifteen-minute walk from home, it didn’t make sense to get a car for me then.

But now that we were here and there was more space, having my own car wasn’t such a bad idea at all. Though now I’m in a rush because I don’t want to be freaking late on my first day of school. Mom is already gone by the time I start getting dressed so I hurry it up.

Once I’m done, I hop into my car and drive myself to school. The only thought running through my mind is that I hope I’m not too late. I park my car in one of the empty parking spots and then rush inside.

The bell has already rung by the time I step through the doors. The halls are empty except for the few students still milling around outside and the ones hurrying to get to class. I walk faster even though I have no clue where I’m going. Did this school have to be so huge?

I don’t have my class schedule yet so I need to find the office before heading to whichever class I have first today. I stop a guy that’s hurrying past me to get to class and ask for directions to the office. He gives me hurried instructions before he’s running off in the opposite direction.

Thankfully, he was helpful and didn’t run off without answering. In no time, I’m making my way into the office, hoping they aren’t too hardass about me being a few minutes late.

“Good morning!” I say as cheerily as I can when I enter the outer office. The secretary lifts her head up and gives me an unimpressed stare. Damn, who the hell pissed in her Special K this morning?

“What can I do for you?” she asks in a bored tone, like she’d rather be doing anything else besides helping me right now.

“Um, I’m here to get my schedule. I’m new and today is my first day,” I say, pointing out the obvious and hoping she won’t give me too much shit.


“Raine Carrington,” I answer, and she begins typing away at her computer. A second later, she prints my schedule along with another paper before handing it to me. I look down at both and see the second has my locker number and the combination to open it printed on the paper.

“Thank you!” I beam, giving her one of my fake smiles before rushing out of the office. Once I’m in the hallway, I look at the paper for directions to where my locker should be. Once I’m there, I keep walking as I look down at the paper once more to see what my number is. I run face-first into someone’s back.

The force of the impact causes me to bounce back and fall flat on my ass. I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going. I let out a groan and a wince at the pain engulfing my butt from the fall plus the hard muscles I ran into.

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