Page 101 of Hate Like Ours

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Who the fuck even invited this bitch here?

“So it wasn’t you having a gangbang at that party? The one who was caught cheating?” I throw at her innocently, and she goes postal on me.

I don’t know who did it, but someone uploaded her video onto that stupid website. The comments mostly said it was when she was supposedly with Knox.

Now I’m not kink shaming or anything, if anyone is into gangbangs and that sort of thing, fine, but the girl is a fucking bitch for cheating! And she has the nerve to call me names when I’ve only had sex with one person.

My neck and cheek burn from the scratches she inflicted on me and I scream in pain. She caught me off guard at first so I didn’t get the advantage on her.

I manage to punch her in her nose again and she lets out a scream of her own. Before she can retaliate, she’s pulled off of me. I let out a groan at the pain on my neck and face, and I can feel the blood leaking on my face. From the feel of it alone, I know she got me good.

“I’d suggest you leave her the fuck alone and get out of here!” Aiden snaps as he pushes her away and stands between us.

“Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?” she screams at him.

“Bitch, I’ll knock you the fuck out if you don’t move it!” Camryn snaps at her, appearing next to Aiden.

“You think you’re tough? You can’t do shit to me. I’d fucking kill you first!” Ivy snaps.

“Oh, I’d like to see you try. It’d be so much fun to skin you alive and watch you suffer before you die a slow and painful death. No one touches her and lives,” Ransom says, pointing to Camryn and then me. “I won’t let you touch her either. I suggest you get your skanky ass out of here!” he snaps. I guess she can see the seriousness in his eyes because she scurries away from us.

“Fuck! I knew I should’ve come with you!” Camryn says as she rushes over to my side.

Aiden goes into the bathroom and grabs some tissue before handing it to her. She helps me clean the blood from my face. I feel so tired and humiliated.

“You guys good?” Cyrus asks a few moments later and I shake my head.

“Good, then let’s get the fuck out of here!” Wolf says, grinning, and I agree.

I don’t want my mom to see me like this. She’ll ask too many questions and I don’t have any answers to give her.

I don’t even bother changing the dress I’m wearing even though I planned to. I just walk out the front door with the guys and Camryn.

“Where do you want to go?” she questions me.

“Are there any beaches around here?” I ask.

“Yep! There’s one not far from here,” Ransom says, answering me.

“Great! Can we go there? I haven’t been to one in ages,” I tell them.

“Your wish is my command,” he says, giving me a bow, and I roll my eyes at him.

I love that the guys have also kind of become my friends in a way. I know that’s mainly because of Camryn but I’m not stupid. The guys might be nice to me, but I can sense that they’re dangerous.

I get that underlying feeling about them. Like if you mess with them, then they won’t hesitate to unleash their wrath on you. It makes me feel good that I’m on their good side.

“Can you guys just give me a few minutes before we leave? There’s something I need to do quickly,” I tell them and they all nod.

I run back into the house and straight into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. I then slip into the garage and head straight for Knox’s Venom GT. It’s a beautiful car and I’m guessing it’s expensive as hell. I want to cause a little trouble.

I’m feeling reckless right now. I open the gas tank and pour the bottle of water in it. He might—no he’ll definitely kill me if he finds out, but this is so worth it! I want to hurt him where it definitely will. I’ve seen him tending to this car like it’s his baby or something.

Suck on that, dickhead!

When I get back out front, Wolf tells us to follow them. Camryn gets into the car with them and I get in with Aiden, and then we’re off. It takes about twenty minutes to get to the beach and once we do, the guys park. We step out of the vehicles.

We step onto the boardwalk and then make our way onto the beach. The lights from the boardwalk create a nice glow on the sand. It’s not too bright but we have enough light so that we can see our way.