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Another scream into the night air rips out of me from the pain. The second one moves to stand in front of me and kicks me in the stomach before slapping me hard across the face. The first one lets go of me and the second one begins to kick me nonstop while screaming at me.

I’m curled up into a ball on the road as both of them are kicking and assaulting me. My entire body is in unimaginable pain and I just wish it would all stop.

“You think you’re so much better than everyone here, don’t you? Well guess what? You’re nothing and I’m just about to show you how much!” one of them screams at me as they continue to throw punches.

“You think just because the QB is showing you some attention that he cares about you? Newsflash, bitch, he’s just using you! You mean nothing to him!”

I get another kick and this one lands on my face. I instantly feel the blood running over my busted lips and down my face. I’m crying and screaming, begging them to stop what they’re doing but my pleads fall on deaf ears. My eyes already feel like they're swollen shut already and the agony I’m feeling right now is more than I can bear.

One of them—I’m not sure which anymore—rips my shirt off of me and then my leggings. I’m left in my bare bra and underwear. I start kicking and screaming and trying to get away but one punch to the head puts me out of it.

When I come to again, the one who is definitely a guy has my panties off and is thrusting inside me. I scream so loudly and for so long while trying to fight him off but he slaps me across the face to shut me up. Then he grabs my throat and squeezes while he’s still thrusting inside me.

I try to kick my legs and claw at him but he’s way stronger than I am. As I feel my breath being taken away from me, making it hard to breathe, I feel something break inside me. The last piece that existed inside me, that was holding me together, finally breaks. I know that I’ll never be the same again.

“Take what you want from her! Fuck the stupid bitch because she’s nothing but a slut who deserves what’s she’s getting!” the one that’s just standing there and watching says with contempt in her voice.

I twist my head to the side, not wanting to look at the person above me anymore. In the distance, I see headlights and I just stare at them.

“Shit! Someone’s coming. We need to go now!” the first one says. The one that was on top of me curses and pulls out of me before pulling up his pants.

“You just got fucking lucky, bitch! But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to come back for you soon!” he snaps. He lifts me up by the neck and punches me right in the head before he drops me again and both of them run away.

The pain that explodes inside my head is too much for me now. I lay there on the side of the road in just my bra, with my body violated and broken, knowing that I’ll never ever be the same again. The last piece of worth I had was just taken from me and now I have nothing left.

I hear the screech of tires and shouting but I don’t have the energy to lift my head to look. Keeping my eyes open after all the hits to my head is taking too much effort, so I close them and feel myself slip away into the darkness as everything goes black…

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