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“What the hell did you even see in that psycho? Were you high off your ass or something?” he questions.

“Fuck, man, I didn’t know the bitch was that crazy! And it took you long enough to get here,” I say sarcastically.

“Hey, I’m not the one who decided to come to school early at the last minute!” he says, while I hand him the new blunt I just lit. He takes a long drag before handing it back to me.

Just then, two cars pull up, one on the other side of mine and the other on the other side of Asher’s since he’s parked next to me. I gave him a “what the hell” look because it’s Axel and Ezra.

“You’re seeing this, right? Please tell me you’re seeing this too and I’m not just high off my ass right now,” I say to Asher.

“Nope. You’re not high. We’re both seeing this,” he replies, his brows furrowed.

The guys came in different vehicles, in their own cars! This has literally never happened in the history of their existence. They’re always stuck at the hip so I’m confused right now.

“Do you know what’s going on with them?” I ask quietly.

“No, but they have been acting weird since the party,” Ash says. I don’t have a chance to respond because the guys are already in front of us.

“Hey, guys,” Axel says and then looks at me. “You good, bro?”

“Hey,” Ez says, while he’s leaning against my hood next to me.

I look over to Ax and answer his question, “As good as can be.” He nods his head. “Are you guys good?” I ask, looking at them both.

“Yes!” they both yell at the same time and then turn to scowl at the other. Yeah, clearly they’re fine, I think, rolling my eyes. But I’m not about to ask until they’re ready to tell.

Just then we turn to look as an unfamiliar vehicle pulls up into the parking lot a few spots away from us. The new girl steps out of the car and the first thing noticeable on her is her fiery red hair.

It makes her stand out more than anything since most of the girls here are blondes. Only a few of them are brunettes and black haired. She walks up the walkway and straight through the door with her head down. Ah, she learns pretty quickly. Ash lets out a whistle and when I look back at them, they’re all staring at me.

“Oooh, fresh meat from yesterday. Now I know why you were so early today,” he says to me as a smirk crosses his face.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re going on about,” I say innocently.

“Oh, so you won’t mind if I make a move on her?” he asks smugly.

“Please, you’re so pussy whipped over Kinsley, it’s not even funny,” I say, rolling my eyes as a scowl forms on his face.

“I’m still single. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her a bit,” Ax says, smirking at me. Ugh, what is with them today?

“She’s off-limits!” I snap before I even realize the words are out of my mouth. I quickly clamp it shut but the guys home in on me like bees to fucking honey.

“And do tell us why she’s off-limits,” Ax says with a grin on his face. I groan. Now they’re going to turn this into a thing since I’ve never declared anyone off-limits before.

“Yeah, I’m interested in this answer too because the great Knox Riverside has never so much as openly claimed a girl before,” Ez says, grinning like an idiot.

“Yeah, my interest is piqued as all hell right now, especially since you pulled me away from her yesterday. I don’t even know the details and I’m this asshole’s best friend,” Ash says grumpily while rolling his eyes a second later.

“God! You guys are worse than girls! There’s nothing to tell except that I hate her and she’s going to be my new toy,” I grumble, hoping that’ll be enough for them. If they only knew what I plan to do with her.

“Hate, huh?” Ax questions.

“Define toy,” Ash says, laughing.

“Fuck off and let’s go! All I’m going to say on this is I’m going to be her worst nightmare, and no I’m not ready to discuss the details,” I say, and then hop off the hood of my Range Rover before making my way toward the building.

We stand in front of our lockers for a few minutes like we always do every single morning. It’s fun to watch people try to talk to us, or squirm when we’re just standing there. We get our kicks out of watching them trip over themselves.

The bell is about to ring so we decide to head to class. I’m not really feeling it but I have to go just to keep my mind occupied with something else besides my life.

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