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“I’m eating with my friend, Asher, so piss off!” she snaps.

Asher gets up out of his chair and walks over to where we stopped. He bends down and whispers something in her ear that has her flushed red before he’s pulling her back toward his table.

Not knowing what else to do, I begin walking toward the empty table by myself. I don’t mind eating alone since I’m used to it. But just as I start walking, someone sticks their foot out and I trip, landing on my hands and knees right in front of Knox. Oh great, now I have to deal with the asshole.

“Looks like the cow’s legs can’t keep up her own weight!” someone yells and every one in the cafeteria bursts out with laughter. I’m so humiliated but I don’t say a word. I’m so tired of all the fucking fat jokes around. Since when does size determine whether or not they should like you?

I’m about to get up when Knox grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me closer to him. I’m on my knees between his spread legs as he’s still holding me in place. He looks up at everyone in the cafeteria and just says one word, “Leave.” They all scatter to do his bidding.

“If you wanted to suck my dick, you ugly cow, you could have just asked. I’m not sure I’d say yes because I don’t usually let ugly bitches suck my cock,” he says.

I look around and see that the cafeteria is completely empty except for his friends who are all sitting at his table. I’m completely dumbfounded. How the hell does one person have so much power? Even the people who serves us lunch are gone. I think this is the moment I really comprehend just what I’m dealing with and how much power he holds here.

“Please! No one wants to suck your dick. With that attitude, you’re probably overcompensating for a tiny dick,” I snap at him a second later when I finally find my voice and try to put on a brave face.

He doesn’t say anything. He just pulls his cock out and my mouth drops open. I’m shocked that he would whip his dick out right here.

“Look at you, your mouth is already open to suck my cock, and I didn’t even have to ask,” he says, smirking at me.

“What? That wasn’t… I wasn’t—I’m not fucking sucking you off, asshole!” I screech.

He pulls me closer as if he’s pulling me down toward his cock and I’m left speechless again. Then he laughs while looking down at me.

“I know you want it, but you don’t deserve to have the pleasure of sucking my cock,” he says in a mocking tone. I release a sigh of relief, hoping that this is the end of my humiliation. I should have known better.

A second later, he starts to jerk himself off.What the fuck?Does he have no shame doing this where people can see? Albeit only his friends are here and not the entire senior class but still it’s humiliating.

He’s still holding my collar with one hand while using the other to jerk off, and I’m still there on my knees in front of him. A few minutes later, Knox comes and aims so that his semen sprays all over my face and over my shirt. He quickly covers himself before shoving me away. I land on my back sprawled out on the floor still stunned. I can’t seem to process what the fuck just happened.

“That’s the only thing you’re good for. Being a plaything and a cum dump. You’re nothing!” he snaps and puts his cock back into his pants before turning away and facing the other members at his table like nothing just happened. Like he didn’t just utterly humiliate me in front of them.

In the next second, a sob rips out of me and I quickly get to my feet and run out of there as fast as I can, heading in the direction of the bathroom to clean myself up. Today can definitely go down as one of the worst days in my entire life.



I thinkit’s safe to call myself a freak because what the hell is wrong with me? After I ran into the bathroom, I stood and took a good look at myself and realized that I looked like that goddamn slut that everyone keeps calling me with Knox’s cum on my face and clothes.

I still can’t believe the asshole had the audacity to do that in front of his friends. The sting still lingers at the humiliation I faced in front of everyone. Knox has no shame. Why else would he just whip his dick out?

Why the fuck do we feel things for people who don’t deserve it? No matter what he says to me or calls me, there’s still that foreign feeling inside me that I got the first time I laid eyes on him at that funeral. It’s the same thing I’m feeling right now. I’m thinking that I must be a fucking masochist or something since nothing else makes sense right now.

This attraction I feel toward him is inconvenient. I’m sure it’s one-sided and I wish it would just go away, but so far, no luck. My brain won’t agree with my heart and vice versa. Life has definitely been beyond stressful at this point.

Back to the “I think I should call myself a freak part” because I do something I’ve never done, though it’s something I’ve always been curious about. It’s something that makes me feel ashamed right after doing it because I know I shouldn’t have. I hate myself a little for being so weak in the moment. But even though I feel all those things, it doesn’t stop me from doing what I do.

I lift a finger and swipe some of his cum off my face. Instead of washing it away, I do something dirty. It’s downright filthy if you ask me. I bring that finger covered in cum up to my mouth and lick it off. I have no idea what part of my brain is making me do this but I can’t seem to stop myself.

This is the first time I’ve ever tasted cum. It has a weird and salty taste. I could become addicted to it if I’m not careful. I don’t just want anyone’s cum, I want his. I hate the guy as much as he seems to hate me, but I couldn’t help but wonder what he tastes like, and now I know.Salty and musky with a hint of I want to keep tasting it.

I take some more from my clothes. The more I taste it, the more I start to like it. This is literally the craziest and weirdest thing I’ve ever done in my life. A second later, I stop myself and let out a groan at my uncharacteristic behavior, not believing that I’m stooping so low like the other girls around here. The ones that are always vying and trying to get his attention every second of the day.

Then I have to question myself, why I even like anything from the guy who hates me, especially his cum. Yep! Something is definitely wrong with me in the brain, and I’m going to say it’s this place that’s causing me to act like this. I believe this school is turning me crazy like the rest of them.

Finally snapping out of whatever the hell was happening a few moments ago, I grab some paper towel from the dispenser and clean the remainder of his cum from my shirt and then wash my face.

When I’m done, I look back up into the mirror to make sure every inch of my face and clothes is spotless. Once I’m satisfied, I dry the water from my face. I can still smell the faint scent of semen but there’s nothing I can do about that right now. At least today is Friday so I’ll have the weekend to myself. A second later, the door to the bathroom opens and Kinsley rushes in.