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She swings her gaze to me and pins me with it. She pretends to wipe tears from her eyes. “I thought we were friends, Knox. You promised me!”

“Huh? What the hell did I promise and when?” I have no clue what she’s talking about because… okay, not going to lie, sometimes I forget things, especially when I’m not really paying attention in the first place.

“You promised me you’d knock his ass down on the field and give him a concussion,” she says, pointing at Asher. The look he gives her is not one of amusement. Without meaning to, a laugh bursts out of me just as Axel and Ezra start laughing too.

“If that was your attempt at a joke, it was horrible, and it would never get you toAmerica’s Got Talent,” Asher says to her.

“Did you not hear the three of them laughing just now? You wouldn’t get on their either, since your face is too ugly and you don’t have any real talent,” she murmurs, smiling sweetly at him. Asher looks up at the sky as though he’s begging some unknown deity to give him patience before he strangles her to death.

“Don’t you have other friends to hang out with instead of trying to be a groupie here?” he asks, and her face twists before she rolls her eyes.

“Being a groupie would imply that I’m trying to fuck all of you, but I’m not. I especially wouldn’t fuck you, but what can I say? I just love pissing you off.” She smirks at him.

Before this can go further and turn into another one of their pissing contests, I break it up.

“Wait here. I’ll come back and get you after we shower and then I’ll give you a ride home,” I tell her. She nods before going back to sit on the bleachers.

Once we’re in the locker room, we start to strip out of our clothes before heading into the showers. The four of us are the last ones in the locker room because we took our sweet ass time getting here in the first place. Before I can even say anything to Asher, he’s telling me what’s up.

“Don’t bother, I’ll take the annoying brat home,” he growls, and I can’t help but hide my smile.

“Oh, really now? And why would you do that? Don’t you have a party to go to tonight?” I ask.

“Well, me taking her home makes sense, seeing as it’s in the same direction, while you live in the opposite direction. Plus, I’m just looking out for our employee’s daughter, you know?” he says.

“I’m sure that’s your only reason,” I say, laughing at him when he gives me the stink eye.

We step into the shower and half an hour later, we’re done and dressed. We head back out to the bleachers. I motion for Kinsley to follow us to the parking lot and she grabs her things before stepping off the bleachers and then following along.

“Change of plans, babe,” I say, loudly enough for Ash to hear when we get to our cars. We always park together. Asher and I always drive our own cars while Axel and Ezra carpool. It’s not because they don’t have their own cars, but because they’ve been best friends since before we all became friends. It's a habit for them.

“What do you mean, change of plans?” Kinsley asks.

“Ash is going to drive you home,” I say, smiling at her just as she lets out a loud groan.

“It’s fine. I’ll just walk or take the bus or something. I don’t want him to kill me and either bury my body in the forest or throw me into the ocean where I’ll become fish food. I really wouldn’t put it past him,” she says with a dramatic flair, and I can’t help but laugh again. Being her friend is one of the best things I’ve ever done. There’s never a dull moment when she's around. She makes a move to walk away when Asher speaks up.

“Get in the car, Kinsley!” Asher snaps, exasperated.

“No. I’m sure you have other things to do,” she says, not bothering to stop walking.

“If you don’t get in the fucking car right this second, I’ll come over there and throw you in myself,” he growls at her.

“You wouldn’t!” She gasps as though that’s the most outrageous thing she’s ever heard.

“Oh, I would if you don’t get your ass in my car in the next second! Don’t test my patience, Kinsley Hendrix!”

“Oh, wow, he just full named me. I’m surprised he even has the brain cells to remember my full name,” she says, letting out a long groan before stomping her way to his car. When she gets in, she slams the door and Asher grinds his teeth. His car is literally his baby, and he doesn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting it.

“It’s like she wants me to kill her,” he mumbles before blowing out a breath.

“Have fun with that,” I tell him, chuckling. I wave to him and then to Ax and Ez, who were both looking at the spectacle that is the Asher-and-Kinsley show and chuckling too.

“Why the hell are your clothes soaked?” I hear him yell at her just as I slide into my seat. I’m about to step out again, but think better of it. I know Ash will take care of whatever it is that’s going on with her. I hate to think of people bullying Kinsley.

I’ve had to make some threats to people since she first started talking to me and hanging out with us. I hate the fact that these bitches think they can mess with my friend, I’ll snap a motherfucker’s neck so fast.

I’ll have to remember to find out what went down tonight, because from the sound of Asher’s voice, something definitely did after we went to shower.