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“Why are you doing this?” I whisper. I don’t trust my voice to sound steady if I go any louder.

“Because I fucking love the look of fear on your face. It’s taking all I have in me not to fucking bury you right now. I’ll just have to settle for the fear right now. I want nothing more than to hurt you. Every time you look at me, all I want you to feel is pain,” he growls in my face, with so much hatred in his voice. It’s a wonder his hate isn’t choking the both of us right now.

“Why do you hate me so much? You don’t even know me!” I cry out as the emotions I tried to keep down bubble up inside me.

“I know enough to know that I hate you and your whore of a mother!” he snaps and I see red at his choice of words. Before I can even comprehend what I’m doing, I lift my hand up and slap him across the face.

He instantly grabs me around the neck and slams my head back against the tree. Pain erupts behind my head from the impact.

“Don’t you ever put your filthy hands on me like that again!” he snaps at me.

“Don’t fucking talk about my mother like that, asshole! You don’t even know her! Newsflash, dickhead, you’re the one who is always seeking me out, not the other way around. Every time we touch, it’s because you made that move. It’s like you’re fucking obsessed with me!” I snap, grinding my teeth.

“Obsessed with you? You might be right but not for the reasons you think. I’m obsessed with the thought of slitting your throat and watching you bleed out, or the thought of burying you alive in a shallow grave right in these woods sounds appealing too. Is that enough of an obsession for you?” he growls in my face.

I feel the color drain from my face as he spoke his truth with nothing but hatred in his voice and on his face. I’m actually scared that he actually will snap and kill me. But maybe I’m the one who snaps.

“Then do it, asshole! I’m tired of you and your dumbass threats! If you had the balls, then you would have done it already!” I scream at him. With the same anger I have in me, I push him away and then start to hit him in the chest.

He doesn’t even look like he’s impacted by my hits and that just makes me madder.

I can’t believe the words that just came out of my mouth. I must be tripping or too much alcohol went to my head or something.

In a turn of events, he grabs me and then pushes me so that I fall flat on my ass. Before I can even make a move to get back to my feet, he’s on me and straddling my body. I’m now flat on my back. Just great!

He leans down so that his face is just inches from mine. If I moved even an inch, our lips would touch. I must be delirious for wondering what his lips would feel like against mine. Would they be as soft as they looked? Without meaning to, a groan slips out of me.

“Look at you getting all hot. Does the thought of me snapping your neck turn you on that much? I bet if I felt under that skirt of yours, I’d find a wet pussy, wouldn’t I? Tell me, did you like the taste of my cum?” he asks with a devilish smirk on his face.

“Wh-what?” I stammer out.

“Oh, come on. Every time I see you, you look like a slut in heat just waiting for me to give you the time of day. So I know with your face full of my cum today, you wouldn’t have let the chance to taste it slip by you. Am I right?” he asks and then bursts out laughing when my face heats up and I have to look away. How the hell would he even know something like that?

“No,” I snap.

“You really are a little slut, aren’t you?” he spits, mad again for who the hell knows why. It’s hard to keep up with this guy’s constant mood swings.

“No, dickhead! Of course, I didn’t. Who the hell would want to taste your cum when it’s probably infected with STDs!” I snap at him.

“Oh, I’m going to have fun playing with you. I can’t wait to break you.” He smirks before getting off of me and walking away, leaving me there.

I lie there for a few seconds before slowly getting to my feet. My body still hurts and so does my head, but I push forward. I need to get home before my mom does.

By the time I make it back to the edge of the woods by the tracks, I see that he’s already a good distance away from me. I start walking. When I get to the middle of the track, I pick my bag up from where we left it earlier after we ran away.

By the time I get to the other side of the bridge where we came from, the two cars are still there, waiting. I have no clue what they’re waiting for because I’m not getting into the car with them.

Today has been such a weird day and I’m so confused. I can’t be the only one who feels this fucked-up attraction between us right? Or if I am, then why can’t he seem to leave me alone, since he’s always there watching me constantly?

I don’t doubt he’s capable of murder. His rich-as-hell father would definitely make it go away. I just hope I’m able to survive him.

I walk past the two cars, intent on going home in my own car. I know I shouldn’t drive while I still have alcohol in my system but I don’t think they’d give me a ride since their friend hates my guts.

“Whoa, where are you going, beautiful?” Asher asks as he gets out of his car and comes around to stand in front of me.

“Um, to get my car and go home,” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

“If you’re as drunk as Kinsley, then I’m not letting you drive,” he says.