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“God no. I’m actually sorry for everything you’ve been going through. No one deserves that shit,” she says sympathetically.

We talk with each other for another hour before we have to leave. We all exchange numbers. I like both Saylor and Aiden from the hour we’ve been chatting and I hope I get to see them some more. Just before we leave, Saylor stops me.

“Hey, I just have a quick request,” she tells me, looking shy.

“Sure thing,” I tell her with a smile.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about Aiden and me. Right now, our relationship is a secret. I really do love Aiden but my brother hates him, so we’ve had to you know, hide it,” she tells me.

“Oh no, that sucks! Of course, I won’t! I’d never expose your secret like that. Who is your brother, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Axel West,” she says and my jaw drops. She’s a member of one of the prominent families here.

“Okay. Wow. Yeah, I see why you’d want to hide that,” I tell her. “But again, don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.

“Thank you!” she says, visibly relaxing.

“No. Thank you guys for an amazing few hours. You don’t know how much I really needed that,” I tell them.

“We both got a friend out of this, so win!” Aiden jokes and I smile at him.

We hug and then say goodbye. I walk back to the parking lot and get into my car before heading home. This trip to the mall ended up turning out better than I expected. Saylor’s so pretty and so nice that I can definitely see us being friends.

When I pull into the driveway, I see that the lights in the house are off which means that Mom still isn’t home yet. I open the door and I’m barely inside when I’m grabbed by the throat and the door is slammed shut. I’m pinned against the back of it.

Before I can scream an angry voice interrupts me. “Who the fuck gave you permission to leave the house and why the fuck were you so cozy with that guy?” Knox growls in my face. His body is pressed up against mine and I can feel the entire length of his hard muscles against my body. It feels so good being close to him, even though I shouldn’t feel anything. I don’t answer him because I’m too busy analyzing the way his body feels against me. That gets him mad because he thinks I’m ignoring him.

“I asked you a fucking question!” he snaps as he squeezes my neck harder to get my attention.

“Th-the mall,” I gasp out.

“And why were you there?” he growls in my face. I want to say to get away from the memory of him but that might give away how much he affects me.

Instead, I opt for violence as I lift my knee right into his balls. He lets go of me as he lets out a grunt. I run into the kitchen and away from him.

“None of your fucking business, asshole!” I yell at him. I grab one of the knives from the block and hold it in front of me. Why the hell isn’t my mom home right now? It would’ve saved me from this dickhead.

“You’re going to pay for that little stunt in a minute,” he says as he walks into the kitchen. He looks at me with a raised eyebrow as though he’s daring me to use the knife on him.

“I’m always fucking paying for something or the other, aren’t I? What the fuck are you doing here?” I yell at him.

“I don’t need to give you an answer. Like I said before, you’re my whore now, to do with as I please. Which means I can come and go as I please and use that cunt whenever I want to.” He smirks and I see red.

I grab the vase that’s next to me and fling it at his head. He ducks, of course, and it misses, smashing into the wall behind him.

“You’re a fucking asshole and I despise you! Haven’t you done enough?” I scream at him, throwing a glass at him this time.

“Do it again. I fucking dare you,” he says in a deadly tone that I don’t heed. I go to grab another glass. In a flash, he’s rushing me and we both go crashing onto the floor. He knocks the hand holding the knife on the floor and I cry out as I feel the pain in my hand. I let go of the knife.

He straddles my hips as I struggle to get him off me but he’s so heavy, he doesn’t budge. He grabs the knife that fell to the floor and brings it up to my neck. He presses it into my skin and I feel it break a second later.

“You want to play, my little slut? Then let’s play,” he hisses at me. He lets go of the knife for a second and uses one of his hands to hold both of mine above my head while he takes the other one and starts to pull down my leggings.

I try to kick him away but he slaps my thigh so hard I yelp at the sudden sting on my skin. When my leggings and panties are both off, he grabs the knife again and then lets go of my hands and moves down my body.

“Move a muscle and I will slit your fucking throat and bury you in the walls of this house,” he threatens.

He spreads my legs and moves between them, still holding the knife. I’m getting nervous now because I have no idea what he’s going to do with the knife.

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