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“Move up,” I command and she must hear the tone in my voice. She obeys me instantly and I see the moment she realizes what she just did. She pins me with a glare and I smile at her, giving her one of my most arrogant ones.

I grab her right arm and wrap the cuff around it, then grab her right leg and connecting it to the other part of the cuff before doing the same with her left side. I look down at her with her arms and legs connected and I love the sight.

She’s on her back and the position has her pussy spread wide open for me. Even in the dim light I can see how fat and juicy it is for me already, waiting for my cock to slide inside.

“Mmm, you look every bit my little slut spread open like this for me,” I tell her in a husky tone. I’m turned on as hell, looking at her spread and bound for me to feast on and then devour.

I can see her wet pussy hole opening and closing like it’s begging for my cock to fill it. I don’t think I’d be able to keep the lust on my face hidden if I tried. I look up at her and see that she’s staring intently at me. I know she can see my face clouded with want for her. The more I stare at her sopping cunt, the more it oozes pussy juice that leaks down to her ass crack.

I let out a groan. I shouldn’t be liking this… any of this. It figures that the one person I hate would be the one to crumble my fucking walls, piece by hate-filled piece. It’s all kinds of fucked if you ask me. I hear her let out a groan and look up to see I’m not the only one who’s affected. She can’t hide the lust in her eyes either.

“You’re perfect in this position, my little slut.” I smirk up at her. I move my hand along her legs and run them up and over her shirt. She stiffens for a second and I see a panicked expression cross her face. I’m about to ask her what’s wrong, but she cuts me off.

“Stop playing games, dickhead!” she grumbles.

Before she even has a chance to say anything else, I raise my hand and bring it down right onto her bare pussy. She screams as the slap to her pussy and clit registers. I guess she loved it because a groan slips out of her lips and she gets even wetter than she was a second ago.

“Did my little fucktoy love that?” I ask, but she doesn’t say anything, refusing to answer me. I know her game. She won’t answer because she fucking loved it. I give her another one of my smirks that makes her mad but I don’t say anything either. I lift my hand and slap her pussy again, harder than before. I give her five slaps in quick succession and I’m surprised when she screams and squirts on my hand that is still on her pussy. “Are you going to answer me now?”

“No. I didn’t love that,” she snaps at me.

“Then why is my hand covered in pussy juice right now, little liar?” I question as I shove two fingers into her pussy. She’s so wet and juicy, my fingers slide right into her pink and puffy, begging-to-be-fucked hole.

She groans at the intrusion and I pump my fingers faster, eliciting more moans and screams from those cock-sucking lips of hers. When I think she’s had enough, I pull my fingers out and hold them up for her to see. They’re wet and slimy with her nectar and I bring my fingers to my lips and suck on them. I lick her pussy juices away and clean my fingers, letting out a groan at how good she tastes.

I hear another moan and look up to see her staring at me while I’m licking her juices away. The intensity on her face is burning hotter and brighter. Something snaps inside me and my need for her overtakes me. I hop off the bed and remove my clothes as quickly as I can.

Her eyes are molten with need as she watches me. I know she can’t wait to have my dick inside her. I get back onto the bed and straddle her hips, then move all the way up until I’m straddling her chest.

This new position has my dick right in her face and she licks her lips in anticipation. I stroke my cock as I watch the need on her face.

“Open those cock-sucking lips of yours,” I growl in a husky voice. She opens her lips without hesitation and I push my hard-as-fuck cock right down her throat before pulling it out again. I keep teasing her.

“Such an eager little slut, aren’t you?” I chuckle at her eagerness.

“Stop playing games asshole and just give me your fucking dick if that’s what you’re doing!” she snaps at me with nothing but impatience in her voice. It’s a miracle she hasn’t combusted yet with how hot her pussy is right now.

She opens her mouth again to probably lay into me, but before she can even get a word out, I slam my cock down her throat again. She gags but I keep my cock there a little longer. I don’t even care about her punishment right now. All I want is to fuck the shit out of her.

“Is this what you wanted?” I growl at her and she shakes her head. “Thought so. Look at you, baby, such a slave to my cock.”

I grab her head with both my hands and hold her in place as I begin to face fuck her. Fuck! My cock feels so good sliding in and out of her mouth. My cock is coated in her saliva, making it wet as fuck. I love a good sloppy blow job. They always feel the best.

I pump into her mouth a few more times before pulling out. She’s panting as I look down at her, her cheeks flushed. I get off her and move between her legs, leaving her in her spread open position for me.

I grab the base of my cock and place it on her pussy, rubbing the head up and down before I slam my cock into her waiting hole. She screams at the intrusion of my big cock and a pleasure-filled groan escapes me. Her hole clenches instantly, keeping me inside her and the feeling is so good.

Her pussy is tight and so fucking hot, it’s no wonder I’m fucking obsessed with it. I start to thrust my hips into her in a steady rhythm. If her trying to move her hips under me to get more cock inside her was any indication, she’s loving it.

“Oh my God! Go faster!” she screams. “Fuck me!”

“Oh yeah. Take this fucking cock, baby! Take it like the fucking cock whore I’ve turned you into,” I growl at her, and in an instant, I feel what my words do to her. She squeezes my cock in a vice grip with her pussy and it takes everything in me not to shoot my seed deep inside her pussy and mark her with all that cum. I groan at how good my cock feels inside her, soaking her pussy walls.

“Fuck, yes! Give it to me, you asshole!” she growls as she goes wild underneath me. I feel her trying to move her hips faster but she can’t because of her position. I pull back a little just to fuck with her. “No! Don’t stop! Put it back inside!”

“You’re not the one running the show here, babe, I am.” I smirk as I grab a hold of her, just under her knees and push them further back. I begin to slam my hips harder into her.

I can feel my cock touching the opening of her womb and it feels amazing. Fucking anyone else has never felt this good and the thought that I’m seriously fucked crosses my mind for a brief second.