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Nem. I shall.

It was understandable that they thought his princess shy and demure. That was truly how she was...except of course when it was just the two of them.

Like now.

Altair had taken a quick shower before joining his bride in his chamber. While he had cared enough to throw a silk robe over his nakedness, his beloved was already lying naked on his bed, and her sex was already dewy with need.

"Please, beloved. We have waited for so long."

And just like that, Altair forgot about keeping his cool and gently introducing his bride to the ultimate act of lovemaking.

In mere seconds, the sheikh was completely naked, and the sight of him looming over her and poised between her legs all but knocked the breath out of her lungs.

Beautiful, she thought dazedly.

He was so, so beautiful-—

But the thought was quickly forgotten, with Safiya crying out as the sheikh's cock slowly but firmly pushed inside of her, inch after throbbing inch. While the sheikh had already fucked her with his fingers more than a few times, this...this was a whole new experience. His cock was so much bigger and harder. So much longer and thicker. And oh God, the way it kept throbbing and twitching against the walls of her sex, and when she finally felt his member push past her hymen, Safiya could only tighten her grip on the sheikh's broad shoulders—-

Finally, finally, she was his!

Her eyes locked with his, and the sheikh's dark burning gaze held hers captive as he pushed his cock deeper into her. She could only gasp as she felt her walls stretch to accommodate him, and she could feel herself getting hotter and wetter at the way he watched her take pleasure in his possession.

He did not ask if she hurt as he began to move, and Safiya drew a perverse pleasure from this. He was just so gentle with everyone. So perfect all the time. And that was why she loved it when only with her was he rough and demanding, just like how it was only with him she could be shameless.

Like now.

Something inside of her started to ache as the sheikh's strokes grew rougher and more forceful, and she couldn't help but snake her legs around his waist in a desperate attempt to have him deeper inside of him.

The ache intensified, and she found herself moaning his name as he began pounding into her. He was fucking her so, so hard that the bed started to creak alarmingly, but neither of them cared to stop, and when the sheikh suddenly bent down to take one bouncing breast into his mouth—-

Oh God!

Stars burst behind her eyelids the moment she felt his teeth scrape against her nipple, and his cock thrust deep inside of her as she started to cum. Her orgasm felt endless, her body shuddering moment after moment, and throughout it, Altair continued to fuck her, his voice hoarse as he called out her name—-

"Safiya, fuck. Fuck. You're so fucking tight, fuck, fuck, fuck."

Altair made a wild grab of her ass and squeezed both rounded cheeks as he buried his cock into her pussy.

So goddamn tight.

Her inner muscles tightened around him, and Altair let out one hoarse growl just before he, too, started to cum, and his hot, thick load filled her sex.

AS SAFIYA WAS ALSO set to graduate in a few weeks' time, it was only after she had her diploma in hand that the newlyweds were finally able to leave for their honeymoon at an undisclosed location. People believed this was because the couple desired privacy, and while that was true, another reason for all the secrecy was the location itself.

Altair had recently been tasked by Khalil to act as Ramil's emissary, and it was thus the sheikh, accompanied by his wife, was now flying to the kingdom of Huzna, whose former ruler had covertly funded Tamara's efforts against the palace.

While its new king was wise and compassionate, he was also ill and elderly, and the older man had quietly reached out to the Al-Atassi family in hopes for a strategic alliance between their kingdoms.

As Huzna's borders had been closed to the outside world for the past fifty years, its culture had remained largely untouched and starkly prominent in the locals' way of life. Its men, albeit well-educated, were also unashamedly dominant and nearly feral in their possessiveness towards their womenfolk.

The king, who had four grown-up sons, wished for Altair to guide his sons in their choice of brides. It was an unorthodox request to say the least, but with Huzna's king willing to grant Ramil considerable economic benefits in return, it was also a deal that only a fool would refuse. Hammering out the details took an entire day, but by the end of the meeting both parties were happy, and Altair was finally free to spend time with his bride.

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