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Rae nods.

“Yes, and I have no complaints about Trig,” she says in a hurried voice. “It’s just that … well, have you ever thought about being in a threesome, Peyton?”

My brows almost fly off my forehead.

“I’ve done more than think about threesomes, Rae. I’ve done it, and it was really amazing. Of course, it depends on what kind of threesome you’re going for, and whether it’s with two men, or another man and another woman. Why, are you thinking of trying one?”

Raelynn averts her eyes, and then nods slowly.

“I am,” she confesses in a murmur. “It’s crazy, right? I mean, Trig is so good to me and I love him so much. He’s really well-endowed too, so it’s not that. But sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have two cocks in my body at once. Like me sucking on a shaft with my mouth, and then another huge cock in my pussy. Or one in my pussy and the other in my ass, dueling for space. I bet it would be amazing.”

I nod.

“It does feel amazing, and I can see you’re looking for a threesome with two men, which is what I like too. It feels incredible to be the center of attention because there’s nothing quite like it. But Rae, hon, it sounds like you’ve already done a lot of thinking about this. Have you brought up the idea with Trig, perchance?”

Raelynn shakes her head, her cheeks flushing.

“No, because I wouldn’t even know where to start. How do I say something like, ‘yeah, your cock isn’t enough for me, and I need another one.’ Or ‘I want a deep DP and the dildo isn’t going to cut it.’ Awkward right? Not to mention, my boyfriend might be offended and break up with me.”

I laugh kindly.

“You’ve been with Trig for so long that I doubt he’s going to break up with you just for sharing your needs and desires. I mean, women have sexual urges too! We’re not sweet princesses locked up in a castle waiting to be saved by a gallant prince. I say you bring it up with Trig and see what he says. You might be surprised.”

Rae merely blushes even hotter.

“Yeah, maybe,” she murmurs. “We’ll see.”

“By the way, how’s your stepdad?” I ask curiously. “Hunter Ward is one of the hottest bachelors around town, and he must be getting women right and left. Plus, he’s been divorced from your mom for a while now, right?”

But oddly, Rae blushes again while fidgeting with something off-screen.

“Yeah, Hunter’s good,” she says. “Real good. He’s not dating that much though.”

“He’s not?” I ask in a surprised voice. “That seems weird. Well, maybe he’s still trying to get over the divorce, although I thought you said he and your mom signed the papers ages ago.”

“Yeah, they did,” Rae acknowledges. “But I don’t know what’s going on his head. You should ask Hunter the next time you’re over, girlfriend. He might tell you something you’re not ready for.”

I roll my eyes.

“Seriously, with Monica as my mother, it would be hard to surprise me when it comes to parents. But are you still living with Hunter?” I ask curiously. “How is that working out?”

Rae nods, blushing fiery hot again.

“I am,” she says quickly. “It’s just easier this way even though my mom’s not here anymore. After all, I don’t have any money, and I wouldn’t want to live with my mother,” she says, shuddering at the thought. “That would be a complete nightmare, so I’m lucky my stepdad let me stay.”

I nod quickly.

“Totally get it. I’m in a hotel room right now because of my mom. I just can’t bear the thought of sharing a roof with that witch. Oh my God, I’d die!”

“So would I!” Rae giggles. “It would be a clusterfuck crossed with a shitshow.” With that, the conversation moves on to the hotel I’m staying in, and how it’s difficult to get maid service on a consistent basis these days. Plus, I update my friend about my plans to get into community theater here in Oakdale, and Rae’s very supportive. But in the back of my mind, I’m already thinking about my date with Brant tonight because the truth is that I can’t wait. I have something naughty in store for the alpha male that will blow his mind, and it’s going to be an evening to remember because he’s never met a woman like me.



I can’t believe this is happening. I mean, really? How many men go to a bar with no expectations, only to come home with a beautiful young nymph who can’t get enough of your cock? I swear, it’s like I’ve been struck by lightning.

Then again, I’ve always been a good-looking asshole, so it’s not difficult for me to attract ladies. They’ve been throwing themselves at me ever since the seventh grade, so I’m used to it. But Petunia is different. She’s saucy and sassy, with a voluptuous bod that was made to accommodate a man. Even better, she can’t get enough of my shaft, and literally begs for it at every turn.

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