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“She’s somethin’, huh?” Ash said, his focus still on Butters, who was now bending low and shaking her ass.

“You allow this kind of music in the clubhouse?” Claire teased, knowing that the bikers were all hard, classic rock and even liked the hardcore shit like Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Nirvana.

“When Butters is dancing, we allow anything.”

She snorted and looked at Ash. He was still staring at Butters, and Claire had to admit the woman knew how to move, how to get the guys worked up. The members at the bar weren’t even paying attention to the sweet-butts all around them, and by the scowls from the women, it was clear that pissed them off.

“She a new sweet-butt?” Claire asked over the loud music, Britney Spears screaming above her about being a womanizer.

Ash shook his head, stared at Butters for a second, and then looked at Claire. “Nah. Your brother brought her here, actually. He thought we needed help tending to the bar thinking it would help. Butters is the kind of woman who wouldn’t give our biker assess the time of day,” Ash said with this kind of longing in his voice.

No, not longing but arousal.

“Help?” Claire asked.

Ash shrugged. “I don’t know why your brother does some of the things he does. But I’m not complaining that he brought her here, and none of the other guys care, either. Hell, the only ones who are pissed are the sweet-butts.” Ash started chuckling and pointed to the beer that was now half empty in front of her. “You want another or something stronger?”

Damn, she hadn’t even realized she’d sucked it down. “Just keep the beers coming.”

Ash nodded. “You got it.” He grabbed a beer, popped the top, and leaned his forearms on the bar handing the bottle to her. “It’s good to see you again, Claire.”

She saw him flicker his gaze to the healing bruise on her face, but his words and smile were genuine. “I’m glad to be here, too. Just wish it were under different circumstances.”

The smile faded from Ash’s face. “You’re safe here,” he said in a hard, intense voice.

“I know. I wanted to handle this without putting you guys in danger.”

That had Ash busting out laughing which in turn had her smiling. “Girl, you making jokes like that about putting the club in danger because of some little asshole, and you’ll have me breaking a rib.” He grinned wider. “I’ll keep the alcohol flowing, and you just relax and have a good time.”

It sounded like a plan to her. A damn good plan.


She was drunk, so drunk the room spun, her body felt light, like she was floating, and she didn’t have a care in the word.

“One more, Ash,” Claire held up one finger and slurred out the words. She closed one eye, focusing on Ash, since that seemed to be the only way the room didn’t spin and he was one person instead of three. She was draped over the bar, having gone from beer to shots. But she was safe here, could get so blitzed she had to be carried to her room, and nothing bad would happen to her.

“Baby girl, as much as I love you and would be glad to have the shots flowing your way, I think you’ve tapped out.”

She shook her head but then cupped her forehead as the pounding behind her eyes began. Claire groaned. “I’m fine.”

“Sure, darling.”

A glass slid in front of her, the scraping of it along the countertop seeming loud all of a sudden. She opened her eyes and saw a big glass of water.

“Thanks, Ash.”

“Anytime, sweetheart.”

After sucking down as much water as she could handle, Claire rested her forehead on the bar and closed her eyes. “I shouldn’t have drunk so much,” she muttered to the scarred wood. She could hear Ash chuckling softly and then felt someone moving their hand over her head.

“That feels good,” she slurred out. It was a relaxing motion, and she let herself drift off, but before she passed out, someone helped her off the barstool, had a hand wrapped around her waist, and was moving away from the bar.

“I’ll get her to her room.” The deep voice that spoke was familiar, but she was so drunk it sounded slightly distorted.

Claire let herself be all but carried to her room. Before she knew it, she was falling down onto the soft mattress, a content, pleasure-filled sigh leaving her. “Thank you,” she murmured into her comforter, her eyes closed. More strokes caressed her head, and she smiled.

“That feels so good right now.” Her stomach roiled, and she knitted her brows. “I shouldn’t have had so much to drink.”

“You needed to let loose. I get that.”

Rolling onto her back, Claire opened one eye. She was trying to get her vision to focus. Fortunately, the light was off, and the only glow came from the lighting in the hallway that spilled into the room.

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