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He had to, because he missed her too damn much, and it was sad that it had taken this situation to make him realize that.

“What we had was nothing more than some good fucking, Big.” She was silent after speaking.

But that didn’t surprise him. Nothing surprised him, especially where it concerned Claire and what came out of her mouth.

You’re lying, sweetheart.

He pushed off the wall and took a step closer to her, her statement pissing him off. “If you want to bring that up, then we’ll fucking bring it up.” He took another step toward her. “It was more than that, Claire, and you fucking know it.”

She shook her head but held her place. “Really? Because I thought that at one time, but it was obviously one-sided.”

He saw the way she slightly shook and knew she was lying. She hated admitting the truth, and he could see that in the way she held herself.

“The entire time I was gone, I lived my life and didn’t think about you.”

That had him grinning on the outside even though he was breaking on the inside. She might not be telling the truth now, but the words still hurt. “Does it make you feel better saying those words knowing they aren’t true, baby?”

She shook her head again and licked her lips. “I’m not your baby, Big. I’m not your anything. Not anymore.”

He knew he had a stoic expression, because he was working damn hard on not showing emotion.

“I don’t want you anymore, Big.” Her voice shook. “I left for a reason, and two years have passed. We are nothing.”

“You gonna stand there and lie to my fucking face?” Big said, not bothering to keep his growl in or hide his anger. He moved closer still, so close she walked backward, right where the wall would stop her escape. He let her retreat, let her think she was getting away.

“I'm not lying and ever hear about personal space?” Claire said and moved back another step, but the wall stopped her finally. She was breathing harder, the pulse at the base of her throat beating wildly.

That had him moving closer to her, a smile of satisfaction spreading across his lips. “Baby, you like me in your fucking personal space. In fact…” He leaned in, stared in her eyes, and inhaled deeply. Yeah, he knew she was all wet for him. “You like me in your space, my big fucking cock all up in your tight little pussy, and my tongue mouth-fucking you.” He inhaled again. Fuck, she smelled good.

“You’re still crude, I see,” she said the words on a breath.

“Your pussy still get soaked, baby, or was that just for me and my dick?” He lifted his hand and ran a finger over her collarbone, loving that she was tense, trying to act like he didn’t affect her, like they didn’t still have incredible chemistry. “I can still smell your juicy cunt, especially when I’m lying in bed alone. I can imagine you right there with me, your glorious tits pressed to my side, your tongue on my neck.” He couldn’t help but groan. He was so hard, so fucking turned on right now. “I can’t count the number of times I jerked off to images of you, to the memories of all the dirty, fucking things we did. I really knew how to work you over real good, didn’t I, baby?”

She visibly shivered but still looked pissed. “You damn bikers think you own shit. Think you own women even when they walk away and don’t look back.”

That had him grinning wider. “I owned every part of you at one time, Claire. And don’t fucking keep lying to me. You know you were thinking about me, remembering all the good shit we did together.” He placed a hand by her head on the wall, leaned in another inch, and looked at her lush red lips. “I bet when you let that little motherfucker stick his tiny dick in your body you were wishing it was my monster cock plowing that tight, little pussy of yours.”

“I didn’t have sex with him.” Again, she snapped her mouth shut. “I shouldn’t even be talking to you. What we had is in the past. I left, put you and everything I thought we had behind me.” Her voice was strained, and it was clear his words affected her.

Big shook his head. He was still reeling at her admission that the bastard hadn’t been with her.

Good because she’s mine.

“I watched you walk away once, and it ain't happening again, Claire.” He lowered his gaze and stared at her tits. “Because I know what you taste and feel like.” He pressed his hard cock into her belly until she gasped. “I know how sweet that little, tight and pink cunt of yours is. Know that you like me stroking you from the inside out with my thick fingers, rubbing your G-spot.” He groaned again. “You used to squirt all over me, and I loved that wetness all over my hand and arm. It turned me on so much.”

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