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“Please,” she said, begging.

He fucked her harder, had her tits shaking, her pussy sucking at his cock. He made her know who she belonged to.

Throughout it all, Claire screamed for more, begged that he fuck her even harder, make it hurt even more. Big leaned down, sucking on a tight nipple, drawing it up so it was hard, red, engorged because of him.

He lifted up from her, held her thighs opened, and watched himself as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy.

He rubbed her clit back and forth, but an animal was loose inside of him. He started smacking her pussy, making a wet sound and having her skin turn red. Claire sucked it all up, absorbed every part of it. He couldn’t stop, and he didn’t want to.

Big wanted to fuck her all night, but he wanted to have her in as many ways as possible. Pulling out of her, he flipped her onto her stomach, dragging her onto her knees until her ass was in the air for him.

“Look at this ass.” He breathed out the words, his voice deep, scratchy from his arousal. He slid back inside her gaping cunt with a deep groan. “Yeah, that’s it. Take all of my cock, Claire.” He brought his fingers to his mouth, sucked on them until they were slick with saliva, and pulled her ass cheeks apart with his other hand.

He smeared his fingers around her anus, getting the tight hole nice and lubed.

He started to work a finger into her asshole. “Once I’m done with your pussy, I’m fucking your ass, baby. But I’ll save that for another night, Claire. I’ll let you think about me shoving my cock into your ass.” He was going to fuck her ass, spill his load inside her, and make her feel so full she couldn’t stand it yet wanted more.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“You remember me back here, Claire?”

She nodded.

“You remember when I’d stretch your asshole and play with your pussy and made you come?”

She nodded again. “God, yes.”

He slapped her ass with one hand, his finger from his other hand still in her tight hole. Over and over, he marked up her bottom, making the flesh red, making it jiggle and shake from the act. She kept pushing back against him, fucking herself on him.

He couldn’t take his eyes off his cock that was still in her pussy. The length was covered in her cream, glistening in the light with each thrust he made. Wet sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoed throughout the room.

She begged, moaned, and screamed for more. She needed his dick. Wanted it. He wasn’t about to deny her.

Pulling his finger out of her ass, he continued to pound inside her tight pussy. He stopped slapping her butt to tease her clit now. She was so close that he knew a few strokes over her clit would have her spiraling into an orgasm.

Her pussy latched onto his cock, and he pounded inside her, finding his own release. His balls grew tight, and seconds later, he filled her cunt with his cum.

By the time he was sated and he felt her pussy contractions start to diminish, he pulled out of her. He lay beside Claire, pulled her close to his body, and felt contentment fill him. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

He looked down the length of her body, and what he saw were the red stripes and bruises that decorated her skin. She looked utterly beautiful, and she was all his.

“I’m not letting you leave again, Claire,” he whispered, but she was already asleep. He held her tighter, willing to draw blood and leave bodies in his wake to make her his world.


Claire was wide awake, staring at the ceiling, and thinking about what she’d done with Big. This changed everything, put her right back in her situation before she’d left, but it was also different.

He’d confessed his love for her, told her that he wanted her as his old lady. Turning just her head and staring at him, she took in the masculinity that poured from him. His face was square and not classically handsome in any sense.

His dark hair was mussed around his head from lying in the bed and from fucking her. God, just thinking about him between her thighs, his powerful body thrusting into hers, his dominance covering her, controlling her, had Claire warm all over the place.

She breathed out slowly and knew that she wouldn’t be able to walk away again. She wouldn’t.

His eyes were closed, but she knew the dark color would be like looking into a bottomless pit. His cheeks and chin were covered in scruff, and she felt the tenderness between her thighs from that short, coarse hair from when he’d licked and sucked at her.

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