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A moan from his bedroom had him grinning wider. He may not have who he wanted, but he had a female in his bed, and one who was about to understand the kind of submission he really liked, the kind of power play that got him off.

He stepped out of the bathroom and stared at the cunt lying in his bed. Her hair was mussed, her body void of clothing. She crawled over to him, knowing what he liked. When she was on her knees facing him, her lips pouting, Steven reached out and grabbed her throat.

He tightened his fingers around her neck until she started struggling, his grin widening, his cock hardening. He pushed her back on the bed, and she started gasping for air. That was just the start.

He was about to have some real fun with her.


“How do you want this to go down?” Big asked Mayhem. Both of them were in the back room, Mayhem staring out the window at the club girls who could be seen on the other side of the glass.

“All I know is, I’m going to find him and make him hurt like he hurt Claire.” Mayhem turned around, the VP’s cut wrapping around his big body like he was born to wear it.

Fury walked in, his face a hard mask. “I know you two want to do this alone, and I’m all for that, but I am sending Dirty and Dealer with you, just in case.”

“We don’t need a ‘just in case’,” Mayhem said.

Fury looked at the VP hard. “I don’t care if you use them as back-up or not, but I’d feel better knowing that you guys have the extra muscle if it turns out this fucker is crazier than normal and has a whole herd of little bastards on his side.”

“I don’t need anyone helping me take him down, not even Big, but the brother has a stake in this given how he feels for Claire,” Mayhem said.

Fury placed his hands on the table and eyed Mayhem. “This isn’t up for debate, Mayhem. You take the guys with you or this shit gets real, understand?”

The silence was thick, the tension tangible. Mayhem straightened, looked at Big, and the hardness in his eyes was clear. “You want to send more guys? Fine. But they stay in the background as we deal with this.”

“That’s your call. They’ll just be there in case things get messy.”

Mayhem nodded once. The guys had done some digging on that little fucker Steven, gotten the lowdown on him, and found out he was a petty drug dealer in town. He tried to keep a legit day job to avoid suspicion from the local PD, but it wasn’t the police who would bring the asshole down.

Mayhem took out his phone and started looking through it. “We got info on him from digging into his past and hacking into his personal files. He has a record, a long one, mainly in drugs and domestic violence.”

“What are you looking for, man?” Fury asked.

“I got a hook-up in Claire’s town who’s been keeping an eye on the little shit for me since she came here.”

“We got the info on him,” Big said.

“I know, but I wanted to know his day-to-day, bullshit happenings.” Mayhem’s stare was challenging.

Big shrugged. “Whatever, brother. The more information the better. What did you find out?”

Mayhem showed them the phone and the picture on it. “This is the fuckwad we’re going after, and it was sent to me just a few hours ago.”

Big stared at the picture of the pansy-ass motherfucker staring off to the side. He’d already seen a mug shot from when they’d hacked the local PD database, but he still engrained this bastard’s face in his mind.

The picture was slightly pixelated, most likely because it had been taken from a distance and zoomed in on. Ain’t no way he was forgetting that face. No way in fucking hell.

“When you heading out?” Fury asked and straightened from the table.

“Probably tomorrow night. It’s about a three-hour ride to where Claire lived, and that asshole is close by. My contact says he stays in most nights, but he’s been hitting up the bars asking around about Claire. We need to lay this motherfucker down for the count.”

“Who’s your contact?” Big asked.

Mayhem looked at him for a second before answering. “Just some chick I fucked one of the times I went to visit Claire. She became a hook-up whenever I was in town, and surprisingly, since that was only a few times, she kind of grew on me.”

“Old lady grew on you?” Fury asked, but he didn’t sound like he cared much.

“Fuck no. She’s just a piece of pussy.”

Big chuckled. “Nah, he’s got a hard-on for Butters.” Mayhem had recruited Butters from Claire’s town as well, but from what Big heard, it was on the other side where Claire had little chance of actually knowing the woman.

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