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“Good, and I won’t allow that, either.”

He reached beside him and grabbed the black plastic bag. He handed it to her, and she could see how fierce he looked right now as if what was happening was the most important thing he’s done.

“What’s this?”

“Just open it and you’ll see.”

She smiled and tore open the bag. Claire reached inside, and as soon as she felt the buttery soft leather, she knew what it was. Staring up at him with wide eyes, Claire pulled the item out, still holding Big’s gaze. She looked down at the leather cut once it was in her lap, smoothed her hands over the back of it, and felt her heart start to race.

The patch on the vest had a top rocker that read “Bleeding Mayhem”. The bottom rocker read “Old Lady”. The image of the club’s colors had her feeling like she was really part of this, really part of Big’s life.

She’d always known the club was her family, but this was real, was where she was meant to be.

“You like it?”

She nodded, her throat tightening. “I love it.”

“You’ll wear it for me, Claire? Let everyone know officially you’re mine?”

Claire nodded again, her emotions clogging her throat making her tears come despite the fact she tried to stop them.

“Why are you crying, sweet girl?” Big had her in his lap seconds later, cradling her, giving her his support.

“This is what I’ve wanted, Big,” she said softly.

“I know. I should have given you this a long time ago. It shouldn’t have taken so long.”

“And I shouldn’t have left. We both could have done things differently.” For such a big strong man, Big could really throw on the charm. Of course, that charm was in the form of a leather cut for her, but that leather vest meant a hell of a lot to her, to what an MC stood for.

Getting a cut and stating she was Big’s old lady meant more than getting a ring and a wedding.

It was a for life kind of thing, and damn if she wasn’t ready for it all.


Big held on to Claire, loved that she was straddling him, resting her head on his shoulder, and had accepted his cut.

He fucking loved this woman, would die and kill for her, and he knew he’d regret, for the rest of his damn life, that he hadn’t wised up and told her all this shit two years ago.

But they couldn’t go back in the past, and this was their time now.

“I’ll say it again, baby, because it will always be true.” He pulled back and looked at her face. “I may be gritty and really fucking rough around the edges, but I swear I’ll always keep you by my side. You’re my girl.” He took her mouth before she could respond, not softly but full of possession and need.

The kiss turned frantic as they pressed their tongues together, fucked each other’s mouth, and showed the other who was really in charge—him. The kiss wasn’t just that, though. It was building to something bigger, something that would have his cock deep in her body and claiming her.

He knew she could feel his hard dick through his jeans, because the way she pushed down on him, ground that sweet fucking pussy on him like she was needy to get off, told him his woman wanted him bad.

Good, because he was going to fuck her right here. He started taking on a more demanding, frantic speed with his kissing and clenched and relaxed his hands on her hips. Yeah, his girl would have his fucking bruises on her waist, and holy hell was that a turn-on like no other.

Before she could comprehend what he was about to do—because Big wasn’t going to give her any time to think, just enjoy—he pulled her shirt from her body and tossed the material aside.

They were secluded where they were, but just across the lake, he could hear the distant sound of boats and other water-crafts.

Big had the cups of her bra pulled down under her tits, and as soon as her nipples were exposed to the air, those little red nubs tightened further. He wanted to suck and touch her breasts, but instead, he started working the button and zipper of her jeans undone.

He just wanted his cock out and her pussy exposed.

“Yeah, Big, fuck me right here.”

“I’m going to fuck you anyway I want, Claire, and you’ll take it all.” He shifted them so he had her on her belly, her jeans pushed down her legs, and her thighs spread as far as they could go. But it wasn’t good enough.

He helped her out of her shoes and the jeans, unhooked her bra from the back, and once she was totally nude for him, he palmed her ass with his hand.

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