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The little nub was swollen and hard, and he rubbed it back and forth until her whole body tensed and she threw her head back and groaned out her orgasm.

Her ass clamped down on his cock, and he grunted from the pleasure.

She may have been on her hands and knees, but he could see the flush that spread up her neck and covered her face.

He bent forward, not about to deny himself, and wrapped his hand loosely around her throat, feeling her pulse jump. His chest was to her back now, and he placed his mouth right on her neck, sucking at her salty flavored flesh.

They were both panting until it sounded like neither could suck in enough air. He pumped his hips forward and pulled them back, over and over again, faster and harder. Their skin slapped together, their sweat mixing.

Wave after wave of pleasure shot straight up his spine as his climax approached. He was going to come and get off really damn hard. His balls drew up tight, and he had to pull away from her and suck a breath in deeply.

He held on to her hips so hard he knew there would be marks on her flesh, but he got a possessive thrill from the knowledge. He liked knowing she would wear his brand of ownership, because she was his, irrevocably, undeniably.

He slowly pulled out, the head of his cock almost popping free before he plunged back inside. She looked over her shoulder at him, her mouth parted, her eyes wide, and her face flushed. He swallowed roughly and closed his eyes, knowing he was about to fill her ass with his spunk.

For several long, almost agonizing seconds, he came, not able to stop himself even if he wanted to. His cock felt so damn hard, the feel of his cum shooting out of him and filling the inside of her body making him hotter, more aroused.

“You feel my seed in you? Feel my cum slipping out of your hole when I pull out?” he ground out the words.

“Yes,” she hissed and then moaned.

When he couldn’t come any longer, he gently pulled out of her but watched as her ass stayed slightly gaped open. His lust shot up for a moment as he saw his cum slip from her asshole and slide down the crease of her bottom.

She collapsed on her belly, her ass red from his spankings, her eyes closed, her mouth parted. He tucked his semi-hard cock back in his jeans, his shaft still wet but he’d worry about cleaning up later.

He lay down beside her, trailed his finger up and down her spine and loved when she smiled. They didn’t move from their position, but he could stay like this all day just staring at her body, at the post-euphoric haze covering her.

“You’re mine. I’m never letting you go, Claire, not ever, and I’ll kill anyone who tries to tell me differently.”

Claire pulled back so she could look into his face, and when she smiled, he ran his thumb along her bottom lip. “I thought we already made that clear.” She chuckled softly.

“Well, you know me. I have to keep saying it or it doesn’t feel real.”

“It’s real, Big,” she whispered.

He lay there, letting her kiss him. Fucking hell, did it feel good.

It was in that one moment where their lips were fused together, where he let his sweet girl take control, that everything felt really damn perfect.

Big was going to do everything in his power to make sure it was always like this.

The End.

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