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As Ty slips the ring on my finger, he shrugs, “I don't know… does this mean we're married?”

“In our hearts, my love. Maybe we'll have a party later. But it doesn't matter to me.”

He lifts me into his arms and dances us out of the room to the accompaniment of stomping and clapping and hearty well-wishes from everyone there, even the soldiers.

“You had that planned?” I ask as he breaks into a jog once we're outside.

“Not to propose during charades. It was just too good an opportunity to pass up.”

After we race through the door to our Quonset and he slams it closed with his foot, we stare into each other's eyes. Our smiles are so wide I wonder if our faces will crack.

“Life is going to be so much fun with you.” I give him the sweetest kiss.

“I promise to make you happy, Olivia.”

He will. Of that, I have no doubt. And I’ll try my hardest to make him happy, too.

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