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Sky rolled his eyes.Thisfrom the man who just said he was afraid of his boyfriend. He would never understand these two.What in the world had they gotten drawn into?

“There,” Nolan snapped, looking so smug with his grin and the twinkle in his eye. If Sky wasn’t still worried for Nolan’s safety, he’d totally be turned-on right now. “So, it’s the fae. They’ve got you scared shitless because they’re supposed to be arriving in a matter of days. After Moving Day, they’re a threat to earth witches, and by extension, Damon. You’re scared that Damon could get hurt because he’s with you.”

As Nolan delivered that last line, he stared directly at Sky.

Oh, shit.Sexy Nolan was too smart for his own good. He did guess exactly what had been rolling through Sky’s head. He was really screwed now. There was nothing more attractive in all the world than a hot man with a good brain.

Yep, he was never letting Nolan go now. He was keeping him.

“The fae? Moving Day? Theo, what’s he talking about?” Damon demanded, stepping a little farther out from behind Red.

“You didn’t even tell him?”

The cries of disbelief came from several directions—including Theo’s posse.

Theo cringed, raising his arms to cover his head as if he were expecting to be beaten with a stick. The man deserved to be. Keeping something like Moving Day from his human boyfriend. What the hell was he thinking?

The poor witch gave Damon a watered-down version of what Sky had told Nolan earlier in the night. Fae were dangerous. Fae liked to cause problems for earth witches. Fae would eat Damon for breakfast. Or something like that. Sky’s mind might have wandered as he was trying to figure out a way to pull Nolan out of the danger zone and to his side.

Thankfully, Nolan took a step back on his own when Damon walked out around Red completely.

“Is that it? You were worried about keeping me safe from the fae?” Damon asked.

Theo held his hands up empty in front of him in a helpless gesture. “Time is running out, and I thought I could handle everything on my own. I didn’t want to scare you. But with each passing day I kept thinking of new ways that they could get to you…and…and…I might have panicked.”

Damon marched up to Theo, grabbed a handful of his jacket, and pulled him down while Damon rose on the tips of his toes so he could hit Theo on the top of the head.

“Are you an idiot?” Damon shouted. “You should have told me! If I understood what was wrong, I could have helped you. Maybe not with magic, but I could have helped you understand my day and habits a little better. Anything just so you freaked out less.”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I just love you so much! I lose my mind every time I think about something happening to you. I—”

“You love me?” Damon gasped.

“Well…obviously. I—”

This time when Damon attacked Theo it was to wrap his slender arms around the witch’s neck and seal their lips together in a blistering kiss.

Sky tipped his head toward the stars and released something that was a hybrid of a sigh and groan. Well, that drama was over. Apparently, Damon and Theo were together again. No one was going to die. No war was going to start.

He was relieved and shaking and just drained from this night.

Strong arms found him and wrapped tightly across his shoulders. He smiled as Nolan’s lips pressed to his temple, then cheek. “I’m safe. You can breathe again.”

“Next time, don’t stand in the middle. It’s all I ask,” Sky murmured.

“Got it,” Nolan said, sneaking another kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“But you did amazing. Got everyone talking. You saw straight through to the heart of the problem.”

Nolan shifted behind him as if he’d shrugged his shoulders. “I’m guessing that Maddox normally makes smarter decisions with his spells, but the fae made him desperate and reckless. I figured he couldn’t be the only earth witch making bad decisions.”

“True, and we got ten years of this shit ahead of us,” Sky muttered.

“It’ll keep life interesting.” Just as Sky’s heart was dancing to the possible implication that Nolan planned to be around for those years, the wonderful man had to say something to derail that joy. “You think Red’s okay?”

Sky searched the area to see Red shuffling off to the house. He broke free of Nolan and jogged after the man.

He placed a hand on his arm and squeezed. “Red?”