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His hand covers mine, his thumb moving over my knuckles as he tells me about his first few months in Canada.

“It was wild. It felt a little like home—the rain being the main reminder. But the atmosphere of the place is different. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain.”

When I went to France, it was like a whole new world. Sure, I was used to people speaking French, but Canadian French differs fromFrenchFrench.

We finish our dinner, and Tyler pays the check. And every step back to my apartment, I start thinking about what I’m supposed to do at the end. His boss has the money. What is the proper etiquette for letting an escort into your house so he can fuck you mindless?

“Poppy.” I turn at the sound of my name, and Tyler looks at me curiously. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, um, yeah. Totally. Just… I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do.” I lean against the door. “I mean, I’ve never hired an escort before. I assume I invite you in since… You know, we’re not done yet. I want to do it right, you know?”

My breathing picks up, and I realize I’m starting to panic. I don’t do well without explicit instructions. If left to my own devices, I tend to make the wrong decisions, like conning myself into thinking that this date was real and that he actually likes me.

“Poppy, Poppy, Poppy. Calm down.” Tyler puts his hand over mine. The warmth spreads from my hand up my arm to my chest.

“I’m not expecting anything from you,” he says in his deep British voice. “You should be the one expecting things from me. You wanted the dating experience. That was a nice dinner and a ride home. And we can go beyond that if you wish, but only if you want to. I’m yours for the night, Poppy.”

I nod.

I’m yours for the night.

If he only knew what those words did to me, the butterflies flapping in my stomach.

“I wanted this date because I wanted to learn. I don’t know much about dating or the stuff people do afterward. The dates I’ve been on were all terrible. What should we do?”

His lips pull up in a smile.

“Well, generally, you would start with a kiss.”

“Oh,” I blush and lick my lips. “I’ve never been kissed.”

Tyler’s eyes darken, and he brushes his thumb over my bottom lip. “Fuck, these lips.” He murmurs so softly I almost didn’t catch it. “Poppy,” he says in a deep sexual voice.


“Tilt your head. Open your mouth slightly.”

“Like this?” I ask, opening my mouth and tilting my head back.

“Yes. Now, I will show you what a real kiss is like.” And with that, he slides his lips against mine. I can feel his breath against my skin and his hands on my waist. My tongue somehow finds its way into his mouth, and I gasp and moan when he gently starts sucking on it. His lips against mine are heavenly, and my body leans into him. My breasts press up against his chest, and I feel my nipples start to pebble.

As the kiss goes on, it becomes more passionate. His hand cups the back of my head as he deepens the kiss. My hands run through his hair, and I’m on my tiptoes, trying to get closer to him. Then I slide them down onto this rock-hard chest, gripping his dress shirt and moaning.

When we finally pull back for air, I look into his eyes, and they’re filled with lust. I’m dizzy and feel this pull I never felt before. Something almost animalistic. Like those books on fated mates.

He lets me go, and I stand back on my feet. I chuckle nervously and shake my head.

Yeah, no. That feeling was just because of the kiss. He’s just that good. But a girl can dream.

“Well…” Tyler chuckles and rubs the back of his neck as if the kiss took him by surprise. “You can invite me in if you wish.” He lifts my hand and kisses me on the back of it. I

I nod and step inside, pulling him in.

My pussy is already wet, and my nipples are peaking through my dress. I just know it. I can see the red stain of my lipstick all over his face, and I imagine I look like the Joker right now.

“Would you like a drink?” I ask him, and he nods.

I grab two glasses of water and give him his glass. Even the way he drinks is sexy. His Adam’s apple bobs as he downs the glass in one gulp. I just stare at him, my mouth open in awe.