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Her fingers run over the short hair of my beard before reaching up and pulling the elastic band from my hair. When her fingers start to rake through my hair, I’m barely hanging on.

“Sienna,” I grit out through my teeth, “I need you to tell me right now if you’re not ready. I want you and I’m so close to losing control.”

Her hazel eyes look up at me, hooded and filled with lust, as she assesses me. “Is this just a one-night stand?”

“No,” I practically roar the word, but she doesn’t flinch. Instead, she gets a smug look of satisfaction on her face. “Everything I’ve said to you is true. I can’t explain it, but I know you’re meant to be mine. I’ll cherish you and our family until the day I die and then longer still.”

“Then what are you waiting for,” Sienna purrs and if I could make the clothes we’re wearing disintegrate right now I would. Since I can’t, I pull away from the door and head toward the bedroom. Her laughter fills my home, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything better. “I thought you were going to show me the house.”

“I’ll give you a tour later, Starshine,” I speak against her skin as I start to pepper her neck with kisses. I mumble, “You’ll be living here soon enough if I have my way.”

Sienna stills with my words and I know they sound slightly unhinged, but I can’t find it in me to care. Before she can think too much about it, I walk through the door to my room and stride across it until I can lay her down on the bed. My movements are gentle, and I can only hope she can feel how precious she is to me.

She stares up at me, but she doesn’t fight against my words. I peel her clothing off her slowly, soaking up the sight in front of me. When she’s naked, and I’m still fully clothed, I can see a hint of vulnerability in her hazel gaze.

I stand up and start to strip, moving much faster with my own clothing than I did hers. She licks her lips, her gaze heated as she watches me, but I can also see her getting more insecure with every breath she takes. When she starts to move her hands to cover herself, I shake my head.

“No, Starshine, don’t cover your gorgeous body. I want to be able to see you,” I rasp the words as I bare myself to her fully.

“But,” she protests, her fingers running over some lines on her abdomen, probably left over from her pregnancy, “I have some flaws.”

I grab her wrists gently, but firmly, with one hand and push them up until her hands are over her head as I crawl over her body. Feeling her skin against mine makes it hard to concentrate, but I keep it together. Fucking barely.

I kiss my woman hard, needing her to feel just how much I want her and how beautiful I think she is. This is more than words and it’s clearly what she needs. If the way her legs wrap around my waist while grinding her pussy against my dick, letting me feel how wet she is for me, is any indication.

When I pull away from her lips, she’s panting and moaning with every kiss I plant against her skin. I move along her jaw and down her neck. “You’re gorgeous, Starshine,” each word comes with the press of my lips on her body, and she shivers underneath me. “I could worship you for the rest of my life and still not be satisfied.”

The way she arches her back, pressing her body against mine, is fucking stunning. Watching her steals my breath and makes emotions well up inside of me that are almost too much. I push away the overwhelming onslaught to focus on my woman.

When I suck her nipple between my lips and swirl my tongue around it, she keens, “Griffin. Please.” Her words string together, but I can hear her clearly, “It’s been such a long time and I ache for you. Make it go away.”

I pop off her nipple, nipping a line across her chest to the other side. “I’ll give you exactly what you need, Sienna, because you’re going to give yourself fully to me. You’ll be mine.”

She lifts her head slightly and looks down at me as I bite on her pebbled nipple, and she jolts. Her voice is shaky, “You’ll be mine, too?”

“Always,” I vow before I let go of her wrists.

Her delicate hands find my shoulders right away and she presses her fingertips into my body, grounding both of us in this moment. I trail my hand down her body, barely grazing her as I do. The goosebumps on her skin as I touch her makes me smile.

“So responsive,” I growl with the pleasure of being right where I’m supposed to be. When I slide two fingers along her slit, she’s soaking wet, and I groan. “So fucking wet for me.”

“Fuck,” she gasps and tries to move her hips to get some friction where she wants it.

I plunge two fingers inside of her and she pushes her tits toward the ceiling as she cries out, pure pleasure on her lips. Her walls stretch around my fingers, and I already know burying my cock inside of her is going to ruin me for anyone else, as if I’m not already.

I finger fuck her, my thumb toying with her clit, until I can feel her pussy start to flutter, and I know she’s right on the edge. The blissful expression that washes over her face makes me almost regret what I’m about to do. Almost.

When she’s teetering, right there and not at the same time, I pull my fingers free. Her eyes fly open and the heat there is enough to scorch my skin.

Her voice is full of chastisement, and I have to stop myself from chuckling, “What the hell, Griffin?”

“The first time I make you come, it’s going to be on my cock, Sienna,” I grit out through my teeth, my dick so fucking hard that it throbs with every beat of my heart and is bordering on painful.

I reach over to my bedside table and grab a condom, tearing it open and rolling it on as I tell her, “The next time we do this, I’m going in bare, but we’ll wait to have that conversation when we’re not both too drunk on the electricity between us.”

When I position myself over my woman, her legs hook around my thighs and pull me closer, making me feel the heat of her wet pussy against the tip of my dick. The pleading in her eyes is what does me in. As I slam my lips down on hers, I slide into her tight, wet heat, not stopping until I’m buried all the way inside of her.

We both moan, the sound just as tortured as it is reverent. I take a few deep breaths to get myself under control because my body is tightly coiled. She’s going to come first. She’ll always come first.

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