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“I’m happy to cover for her,” Prince Malik pulled Sophie closer. “Anything to be close to this angel.”

Sophie melted against him. Livvy was thrilled for her friend’s happiness, she certainly deserved it after being raped by Treven Rindlesbacher, her fiancé being violently murdered by the man’s henchmen, and raising her darling daughter by herself.

“Sophie and Sunny are both angels,” Livvy agreed, smiling at the little girl. She adored children.

“I am now the Princess Sunny,” the child spoke up, tilting her chin regally to Livvy. “It’s a pleasure to see you again, Miss Livvy.”

Livvy grinned. “You as well Princess Sunny.”

“I wasn’t a princess when you saw me last,” Sunny informed her as if giving her an excuse for forgetting her royal title earlier. “But I am now.”

All the adults grinned at each other. Sophie brushed her hair from her face and Livvy’s eyes widened. She grasped her friend’s left hand.

“I knew you two wouldn’t take long but wowzers! That is a gorgeous ring. Congrats!”

Prince Malik grinned.

“Malik did well.” Sophie hugged Livvy then leaned into her fiancé’s side.

“I did,” Prince Malik agreed. “Being blessed with these two in my life.”

Ushers and royal guards were breaking groups up and escorting them to their seats.

“Please, Prince Malik, Miss Pederson, this way,” a beautiful and classy-looking brunette requested.

“Thank you, Arianna,” Prince Malik said.

“Do you have a seat?” Sophie fretted.

“Oh, goodness, don’t worry about me. Go with your handsome and charming fiancé. I’ll sit right here.” She tottered over to the closest open seat and sank down to prove that Sophie didn’t need to be worrying about her.

Prince Malik smiled at her and escorted Sophie the direction Arianna was asking them to go, seated up front with the rest of the royal family. She noticed Jensen settling in the row behind the royal family next to Major Chad Prescott and his date. Jensen didn’t appear to have a date but with all the single women flocking to him he also didn’t appear to have time to come speak to her.

Livvy focused on the beautiful wedding of Prince Derek and the American Ellery Monson. She’d heard from some of her students that certain Augustinian’s weren’t thrilled with several of the princes marrying not only Americans but women of far lower social standing than them. Livvy thought it was incredible. Love should always win the day, not social status, and Augustine was a beautiful and successful country. They were blessed and should welcome everyone in, not be snotty exclusionists.

She kept sneaking peeks at Jensen throughout the wedding. Several times their gazes caught and held. Heat flushed through her every time and she was grateful for her caramel-colored skin that wouldn’t show how he made her blush from one intriguing glance of those dark eyes.

The wedding finished and she cheered along with everyone else as the gorgeous couple kissed. The family and close friends greeted the couple first. The rest of the crowd was instructed to form a line to greet the couple and then take the glass bridge around front for the dinner, with a reception and dancing to follow.

Livvy didn’t know the bride or groom so she waited for some of the main crowd to greet them and then walked around the glass bridge with a group. Jensen had disappeared. Was he checking on something for the police or had that redhead from earlier grasped him and pulled him away?

She forced smiles and responded to greetings from a few people she knew and some she didn’t. Her status as a concert pianist didn’t make her famous but some people had watched her perform and knew her.

She found her place card for the dinner and tried to contribute to the conversation at her table. She sat with a group of American women, members of the American Ninja Warrior circuit that Ellery Monson and Prince Derek had met competing on. The voluptuous redhead was one of them. She was a very friendly girl named Shelby and Livvy was reminded once again that she shouldn’t judge based on her own jealousies. This woman was genuine, fun to talk to, exceptionally fit and beautiful. If Jensen was interested in her, Livvy could hardly blame him. All of the women were friendly and tried to include her in the conversation but they had a lot in common and she was definitely the outsider.

She noticed Jensen was seated with Major Chad and his date, Chad’s mother, Lieutenant General Cordon and his wife, and other military personnel or members of parliament like Chad’s mum. Madeline Prescott was an impressive, elegant, classically-beautiful, and slightly-intimidating lady. Livvy had no desire to get on her bad side.

Jensen caught her gaze and she gave a slight smile before refocusing on the mango cheesecake she’d chosen for her dessert.

“Can you believe that fine-looking specimen is their chief of police?” Shelby asked as if she’d noticed Livvy’s gaze. “He’s looking our way. Whew!” She fanned herself. “Makes you want to move to Augustine and break a law and beg to have him interrogate and frisk you.”

Her friends laughed as Livvy stiffened.

“I doubt the chief of police is going to interrogate or frisk you,” a brunette named Hazel teased her, “but you keep working your magic flirtations on him. He’ll cave to you. They always do my gorgeous friend.”

Livvy’s shoulders rounded. She could’ve guessed men always caved to Shelby. How could anyone blame them? She wanted to beg the woman to have mercy on her. Jensen might just be a challenge and a vacation fling for her, but he was Livvy’s dream man.

“I, for one, am going after the crown prince,” a beautiful blonde named Jaylene declared.

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