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“Dios mio,” he murmurs reverently. His fingers trail over my collarbone, my breasts, my stomach. I tremble under his touch.

He unhooks my bra, baring my breasts. When his mouth closes over one nipple, I gasp, arching into him. His talented tongue swirls the taut peak as his hand kneads my other breast.

I’m soaked with need. “Gael,” I plead breathlessly.

He hooks his fingers under my panties. I lift my hips so he can slide them off.

“Tell me what you want, mi amor,” he says thickly.

“You. I want you.”

With a groan, he settles between my thighs. I feel his hardness there, straining against his jeans.

I reach for his belt buckle. Together,we rid him of the rest of his clothes.

Then he’s above me again. Slowly, achingly, he enters me. I wrap my legs around his narrow waist, taking him deeper.

We move in unison, caught up in passion. His thrusts come faster, harder. I cling to his broad shoulders, crying out his name.

“Halima,” he groans, his pace relentless now. “Mine.”

“Yes, baby… all yours!” I gasp out.

We spiral higher and higher, until finally, we come together in blissful release.

After Gael has drained every last drop of my orgasm with nasty kisses, dirty words and expert rolls of his powerful hips, he gathers me close, our hearts still racing as one.

“I meant what I said,” Gael murmurs. “I’m keeping you.”

I smile and kiss him tenderly. “Not going anywhere, big boy.”

* * *

I wake before dawn, Gael’s arms still tightly wrapped around me. In sleep, his features are relaxed, almost boyish. It’s hard to believe this is the same man who’s been fucking me bow-legged for the past couple of days.

Carefully, I extricate myself from his embrace. He stirs but doesn’t wake. I put on some clothes and head outside with a mug of coffee, leaving enough in the sophisticated machine for when my guy wakes up.

The morning air is crisp and clean. I settle on the porch steps, sipping my coffee as the sky lightens. My mind drifts back to last night. Gael was so passionate, so intense. I want to trust that it was all real. But men have promised me things before, only to disappear once they had their fill.

The door creaks open behind me. Gael steps out in nothing but a pair of jeans, looking bulging rumpled. His thick muscles on full display, bronze skin caling my fingers, eyes still sleepy, hair all over the place. Thick thighs flexing under the denim of his battered jeans. Fuck me…

“Morning,” he rumbles with a smile. “Missed you when I woke up.”

He’s holding his own steaming mug.

“I needed some fresh air. Clear my head…”

Gael sits beside me. His bare arm brushing my shoulder, heat radiating from his big body. “Anything you wanna talk about?”

I take a deep breath. “I guess… I’m still getting used to this. Us.” I meet his gaze. “I’ve been on my own for a while. It’s not easy to let someone in, you know.”

Gael nods. “Yeah, and it’s not like you know me.” He brushes a strand of hair from my face. “But I’ll prove myself to you, Halima. However long it takes.”

My throat tightens with emotion. No one’s ever promised that before.

I lean against him, and his arm encircles me. We sit quietly as the sun rises, the mountain air scented with pine and possibility. There are no guarantees, but this feels right.

Maybe I’m ready to stop pushing happiness away before it has a chance to stick. With Gael, I think I can try.