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Missed the way his eyes crinkled in the corners when he smiled, the sound of his laugh, his perfectly sculpted body…But Nico hadn’t looked at her as anything other than a friend. Kizzie knew she wanted more and with Nico coming to visit her, she would take a chance.

The friend zone doesn’t have to be forever? Or does it?


Free Excerpt - Younger

A scorching hot, cocky jock and a curvy divorcee, under the hot California sun. Hard muscles glistening with sweat, pressed against her full curves…

He’s tall, ripped, and always flaunting his bare chest. She’s a corporate executive on a break from her busy city life.

On their first meet, their eyes lock and sparks fly. He’s confident, charming and unafraid to make the first move. She’s sassy, smart, and not easily impressed. But as they banter and flirt, their sexual chemistry becomes undeniable.

Tag along for a dirty romance between a hot athlete and the lucky woman he set his sights on!

This is a short, sweet & spicy, over-the-top, reverse age gap romance. With no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA. Happy naughty read!



The mid-morning California sun beats down on me as I recline into the cushioned lounge chair overlooking the blue ocean. A warm breeze rustles through the palm trees surrounding my beach house, bringing with it the soothing sound of waves lapping at the shore.

I take a sip of ice tea from the sweating glass in my hand and let out a content sigh. Although, beneath my chill exterior, my mind is flooded with guilt about this impromptu solo vacation.

As a high-strung VP at a corporate firm, spur-of-the-moment trips are not my usual MO. A whirlwind of contracts and 12-hour workdays leave me no time for unplanned getaways. But after the chaos of our latest deal, my boss practically ordered me to go get some much needed rest and change of scenery.

So here I am: a fish out of water, alone at a beach resort. I have to admit, once I got over my initial resistance, the thought of escaping the corporate jungle for some R&R in the sun had its appeals. And the resort itself is fabulous.

The sound of a sliding door opening next door catches my attention. I peer over the top of my sunglasses, catching a spectacular male specimen emerge from the neighboring beach house.

My eyes instinctively travel the length of his tall, athletic frame, taking in every delicious detail. Broad shoulders tapering down to slim hips and endlessly long, muscular legs. Olive skin glistening under a thin sheen of sweat. Brown hair, disheveled in that perfectly tousled style that only the sexiest guys can pull off.

As he stretches in the sunlight, the defined muscles of his arms and abs ripple enticingly. I notice a tattoo peeking out along his left rib cage, though I can’t make out what it says from this distance.

An appreciative hum escapes my lips. “Now who do we have here…” I mutter under my breath.

As if hearing my comment, the handsome stranger glances over, a cocky grin spreading across his stubbled face as he catches me staring.

“See something you like, beautiful?” he calls out teasingly.

I roll my eyes, but can’t suppress the smile that tugs at my lips. The man oozes confidence.

“Maybe,” I volley back. “What’s your name, stranger?”

He saunters over, and I get a better look at his gorgeous features. A strong, square jawline that could cut glass. High cheekbones, a straight, masculine nose, bright hazel eyes, and a full, tempting mouth. The faintest dimple appearing in his left cheek as he grins.

“Name’s Lucas,” he answers smoothly, his deep voice feeling like a caress all over my body as he approaches my chair. “And you must be my next-door neighbor. I gotta say, you are by far the sexiest view I’ve seen around here.”

I arch a brow. “That your best line, Lucas? Sounds like you may need some new material.”

He clutches his heart in mock-offense. “Ouch. I promise I usually have better moves.” His eyes gleam playfully.

“Oh, I bet you do,” I fire back with a smirk. Something about this cocky, boyishly handsome giant has me intrigued. There’s a charged chemistry humming in the space between us.

“How about we start over?” Lucas extends a large hand. “I’m Lucas Reid, I play for the Pacific Blazers. I’m staying here with a few of my teammates for the after-season. And you are…?”

“Shana Johnson,” I reply, shaking his offered hand. His palm is rough and calloused against mine. I feel his warmth seep into my skin. “I needed a break from work. Though from the sounds of it, I should’ve picked a resort further away from you jocks. Blazers, that’s hockey, right?”