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I gasp at the feel of his thick, long dick pressed to my belly, hard and insistent. My pussy clenches in response, moisture gathering between my legs.

“Do you feel what you do to me, mamita?” he rasps against my throat. At the same time, rolling his hips, sliding his big cock along my stomach, and I whimper. “I bet you’re so wet for me already.”

“Gael…” my voice comes out breathy, needy, and he lets out a groan.

“Dios, the way you say my name.” He crushes his mouth to mine again, kissing me dizzy, plundering my mouth with his lips, tongue and teeth. “I’m gonna make you scream it.”

A bolt of lust flashes through me at his graveled words.

Gael nips at my lower lip, then soothes the tender flesh with his tongue, leaving me a trembling mess. “And I always deliver.”

His big hands slide lower, calloused fingers digging into my thick thighs. He pushes them apart and settles between my wide open legs. The hard length of him rubbing against my sensitive flesh, and I shudder uncontrollably.

“Please,” I gasp out. I’m not even sure what I’m begging for, just more of him. Anything Gael will give me.

“Patience, mamita.” A wicked grin spreads across his handsome face. “We have all the time in the world, and I plan on fucking savoring you.”

I let out a frustrated groan, fingers digging into his massive shoulders. Gael chuckles, low and dark, and wickedly rolls his hips again. The friction makes me see stars.

“You’re killing me,” I moan.

“Nah.” He nips at my earlobe, then soothes it with his tongue. “I plan to keep you very much alive… and begging.”

His huge hands slide up to cup my full breasts, thumbing over the hard nipples. They pebble even more under his touch, and I arch into his hands with a gasp.

“Please, Gael…”

“Please what, baby?” He diabolically pinches a nipple and rolls it, sending a jolt of pleasure straight to my clit. “Tell me what you want, mamita. I wanna hear you say it.”

I swallow hard, face flaming even as I ache for his touch. “I want you to touch me.”

“Where?” He drags his mouth down my neck, licking and sucking a delicious path toward my breasts. “Here?”

He closes his lips around one nipple, and I cry out, hands flying to his head to hold him there. The suction goes straight to my pussy, and I clench around nothing, wanting so badly to be filled.

“Lower,” I choke out.

He releases my nipple with a wet pop, grinning up at me. “Where is that, Halima?”

I groan again, throwing my head back. “Dammit, Gael, touch my pussy!”

“Ah, there she is.” His smile turns wolfish, and he rasps out, “good girl.”

He slides one giant paw down my body and cups me where I’m slick, throbbing and empty. I jerk against him with a desperate moan.

“So wet and ready for me,” he murmurs, fingers stroking through my folds. He finds my entrance and eases two thick digits inside my clenching channel, stilling as I shudder around him.

“Please,” I gasp again, rocking my hips to take him deeper.

“Please what?” His eyes gleam wickedly. “Tell me what you want, baby, and I’ll give it to you. Every bit.”

I lick my lips, staring up at him with dizzying need. “I want you inside me. Now.”

Gael’s grin turns positively feral. “At your service, mama.”



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