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I couldn’t really blame him. I suspected I would be just as bad with our little princess.

“Okay, guys! Who wants to play tag?”

Mac and Bridget’s oldest, Molly, had volunteered to organize the games for the kids. She was a pretty badass biker and an extremely talented tattoo artist, but when she got around the kids, she was silly and fun loving. Everyone’s favorite “aunt.”

“Uncle Mav!!!!” Kansas and Lee’s eldest daughter—who was only two weeks younger than Grayson and Kaylee—screamed and ran full speed toward the back door of the clubhouse.

Maverick shut it behind him and crouched down, preparing to catch the ball of energy barreling toward him. “Hey, button!” he greeted with a laugh when she flung herself into his arms. “Happy birthday!”

She grabbed his hand, and he let her drag him over to Kansas, who stood next to my wife. He greeted us with a nod and a smile, which we returned. Then he said hello to his sister and kissed her cheek.

Britta tugged on his hand again. “Come play tag, Uncle Mav! Pleeeeeease!”

Callum—Karina and Knight’s eldest, who would also be nine this month—ran up and grabbed Maverick’s other hand. “Yeah, play with us, Uncle Mav!!”

Maverick laughed and shot us an amused smile before shrugging. “Lead the way. But don’t come crying to your mommas when I kick your butts.”

The kids giggled and took off with Maverick on their tails—though he gave them a good head start.

“Tag! You’re it!” Grayson yelled as he tackled Molly, who fell to the ground in a heap of laughter.

When she didn’t get up right away, Maverick jogged over and offered her his hand. Molly took it ,and the two locked eyes as he helped her up.

I blinked a few times as I watched the scene unfold before me. There were clearly sparks between the two of them. Once she was on her feet, they stared at each other as if there wasn’t chaos reigning all around them.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Lorelei whispered.


Suddenly, Molly poked Mav in the chest and yelled, “Tag! You’re it!” Then she sprinted toward a copse of trees where many of the kids had found hiding spots.

Maverick stood there, frozen in place, until Britta tapped his arm. “You have to catch her, Uncle Mav.”

A wicked smile stole across his face, and he muttered something before running toward the place where Molly had disappeared.

“Kansas, you should probably warn your brother that he’s chasing the prez’s daughter,” Lorelei said to her sister-in-law.

Lee choked on his laughter before saying, “You think he’s gonna care? You saw the look on his face, right?”

I’d recognized it…but this was Mac’s baby girl Mav was chasin’. It didn’t matter that she was almost twenty-five, Mac was beyond protective of his old lady and their daughters. “It’s his funeral,” I muttered.

“Would you have given me up for anything?” Lorelei asked softly.

“Not a fucking chance in hell,” I growled, my arms tightening around her.


Just the thought of my life without my woman was enough to drive me batshit crazy, and I had a sudden urge to prove she was mine.

“You got this while Lorelei and I have a talk?” I asked Lee and Kansas.

Kansas smirked and nodded. “Sure. Go…‘talk.’”

I didn’t wait another second before sweeping Lorelei into my arms and stalking back to the clubhouse. We kept a few empty rooms for members who didn’t need a permanent spot because they preferred to spend their nights at home with their families, and I made a beeline for one of them.

An hour later, she’d screamed that she belonged to me three times. When I led my wife back outside, I couldn’t help grinning smugly at the satisfied expression on her face.

She was mine.

And I was hers.


Rom is the next Silver Saint to find his woman!

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