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“I have more shirts in my duffel.” He jerked his chin toward the bag. “They’re all gonna be way too big for you, too, but you can use one of them if you want.”

I didn’t care if I swam in it, I liked the idea of wearing something of his all day. “Yes, please.”

“Have at it, baby. I’m gonna hit the head and take a quick shower. Can you be ready in thirty minutes if it only takes me about five?”

Since I didn’t have any of my toiletries, there wasn’t much I could do to get ready, so I nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“Good, pick out which of my shirts you want and I’ll be out soon.”

I flopped back against the mattress when the door shut behind him and let out another whimper when the shower turned on. After seeing Grey in his underwear, it was way too easy to picture every inch of his muscular body while the hot water poured down on him. I daydreamed about it and almost missed the telltale sound of the water shutting off.

Scrambling off the mattress, I grabbed my clothes from yesterday and dashed over to his bag and pulled the closest shirt out of it so I was ready when the door swung open. Then I ducked my head to hide my hot cheeks as we swapped places.

With my promise to be quick in mind, I hurried through my shower. Then I brushed my teeth with the plastic toothbrush we’d bought at the sundry shop before I dried my hair using the blow dryer provided by the hotel. It only took me another minute to pull on my clothes, my lips curving into a grin as I tied the hem of his shirt into a knot at my hip.

Heat flared in his dark eyes when I stepped out of the bathroom. “Like I said last night, looks a fuck of a lot better on you than me.”


We put on our boots and gathered the rest of our things, heading out the door only a few minutes later. Grey made good on his promise and stopped at the drive-through for a local coffee house to grab coffee and breakfast. It was surprisingly busy for Christmas morning. After enjoying my mocha latte and slice of gingerbread loaf, I reclined my seat back and curled up on my side, watching Grey drive until my eyes drifted shut.

I slept for almost five hours, all the way until he had to stop for gas. Then Grey made me eat and drink something before we started the next leg of the drive. I stayed up for a little while, but the monotony of the scenery had me napping on and off until Grey finally shook me awake.

Stretching my arms, I peered through the windshield at the house in front of us before he pulled into the garage. The brick, ranch style home with pristine landscaping and pretty green shutters wasn’t what I was expecting from a biker, but when we got inside, the bachelor pad vibe was more fitting. Between the black leather couches and the huge flat-screen television, I could easily picture Grey relaxing in the living room.


“Glad you like it.” I was acutely aware of the heat from his palm against my lower back as he guided me through the house. The kitchen was awesome, with top-of-the-line appliances and granite countertops. The guest bedroom was neutral in shades of tan and green. Right next door, the primary had a giant bed smack-dab in the middle of the room. “You’re gonna stay in here.”

“Umm…this is your room.”


I jerked my chin toward the wall separating us from the guest room next door. “But you don’t want me to sleep in there instead?”

“Nope.” He shook his head. “I need to stick close to protect you.”

His explanation sounded reasonable, but the gleam in his dark eyes made me wonder if he had another motive for wanting me in his room. One that matched the reason I wasn’t going to argue when I probably should have—because I wanted to spend my nights wrapped in his arms. “Okay.”

“Good girl.” My inner walls clenched at his praise, and his eyes heated. But just as he dipped his head toward me, his cell beeped with a notification. Pulling the device out of his pocket, he glanced at the screen and grumbled, “Shit.”

My heart started to race as I considered all sorts of worst-case scenarios. “Everything okay?”

“Your girl is fine, but I need to look into something to keep it that way.” Lacing his fingers through mine, he tugged me out of the room. “C’mon.”

I wasn’t sure what I’d been expecting when Grey led me down the stairs to the basement, but it definitely wasn’t a man cave lined with so many high-powered computers and monitors that any movie superhero would be envious. “What in the world?”